Superconduction is phenomenon of a kind of physics, the resistor of material drops in a certain critical temperature to 0. Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) theory is the explanation of a kind of effective, it depicted the superconductive sex in most material. It points out, library Po electron is enough to be in form in crystal lattice below low temperature, and BCS superconductive sex results from their agglomeration. Although itself of black lead Xi is a kind of famous report conductor, but as a result of the electron - the inhibition of phonon interaction, it does not show BCS superconductive sex. This also is conductor of most “ good ” (for example Jin Hetong) the reason that is superconductor of “ bad ” . Background science institute (IBS, korea) center of physics of complex system theory (the researcher of PCS) reported a kind replace a mechanism newly, superconductive sex can come true in black lead Xi. They are mixed by black lead Xi through putting forward color of 2 dimension Bo - Einstein condenses content (the mixture system that BEC) forms realized this one feat. This research is published on 2D data records.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
One kind mixes a system, by black lead Xi medium electron is enraged (top layer) composition, as lubricious as 2 dimension Bo - Einstein agglomeration state is separate, by indirect exciton (blue and gules layer) express. The electron in black lead Xi and exciton pass coulomb force coupling. (A) takes temperature corrective (dotted line) and do not take temperature corrective (solid line) Bogolon interpose guides the temperature dependence of the superconductive clearance of the process. (The function of the critical temperature that B) superconduction transforms and condensation content thickness concerns, with the interaction that guides at Bogolon interpose, have (red dotted line) and not (black solid line) temperature is corrective. Blue dot underlines the function that showed BKT transition temperature regards condensation content as density. Besides superconductive sex, BEC is another kind of phenomenon that produces below microtherm. It is Einstein 1924 second the position of the 5th kind of material that forecast. The formation of BEC happens when feebleminded atom gathers together and entering same energy position, it is the researchs extensively field in condensing voice physics. Mixture Bo color - Fermi system represented an electron and interaction of dice of a Bo substantially, for example indirect exciton, exciton - polarization child wait. The interaction between Bo color and Fermi particle brought about all sorts of new attractive phenomena, this aroused bilateral interest. Basic knead dough the viewpoint to application. In this job, researcher reported black lead Xi is medium a kind of new superconductive mechanism, this is as a result of the interaction between electron and “bogolons” is not the phonon in typical BCS system. Accurate particle of Bogolons or Bogoliubov is the excitation inside BEC, it has the certain feature of particle. Inside certain parameter limits, this kind of mechanism allows the superconductive and critical temperature inside black lead Xi to be as high as 70 Er article. Researcher still developed a kind of new microcosmic BCS theory, this theory pays close attention to the system that is based on Xi of new-style mixture black lead particularly. The model that they offer still forecasts superconductive character to be able to increase along with temperature, the temperature adjustment is not sheet that causes superconductive clearance thereby spends dependence. In addition, consider to make clear, be able to withhold in the plan that the Di La of black lead Xi overcomes chromatic dispersion to guide in interpose of this kind of Bogolon. This shows this kind of superconductive mechanism involves the electron that has relativistic chromatic dispersion, this kind of phenomenon did not get very good exploration in condensing voice physics. This job announced to implement another kind of method of high temperature superconduction. In the meantime, condense the character of content through control, we can adjust the superconductive sex of black lead Xi. This shows future controls another kind of channel of superconductive parts of an apparatus.

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