As the bitter fleabane of electric automobile industry suddenly develops, use at light the demand of the high-tech compound that quantifies parts of an apparatus increases continuously. Improve the compound productivity that its are in considerably to last, chemical group Lang Cheng (Lanxess) chose to overcome Laosimafei to push a technical company (KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH) the equipment supplier that regards its as Changzhou factory.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Lang Cheng (Lanxess) producing the demand that will answer electric automobile industry to grow increasingly to PA 66 and PA 6, PBT to promote productivity to overcome Laosimafei to push a technical company considerably through expanding big client: We are “ Lang Cheng (Lanxess) debugged a high-powered composite material to cross key product line in the manufacturing base design of Changzhou, installation. Current, we had signed the contract of the 2nd product line, the plan is in 2022 consign, will help Lang Cheng increase again at the appointed time annual 30 thousand tons composite material is produced can. ”
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
By the Lang Chengchang that Kelaosimafei offers city plant produces the spot to occupy the introduction, lang Cheng's target is raising Durethan® and Pocan® considerably fine of these two kinds of Bo increases thermoplastic the crop of composite material. Use as the installation of the 2nd product line and investment, lang Chengchang city and without stannum two factories will come true annual 110 thousand tons of PA6, PA66 and PBT thermoplastic composite material is produced can. Custom-built those who change is thermoplastic composite material product line is in Lang Cheng already in the project of this compound product line of put into production, kelaosimafei was in charge of swimming to all fluctuation from steel structure the component arrives the carries a system to wait whole project of finished product silo. “ profit from fine the outstanding support that encourages a factory to offer, we and Lang Chengshi showed very efficient cooperation. ”Dieter Brunner say, the colleague that the group of Nuo power mixes “ our Yuan Zaihan, overcame culture difference and language obstacle, the cooperation that achieved rich result and this locality change fast response. ”
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
By the Lang Chengchang that Kelaosimafei offers product line of city plant compound is finished debug it is reported, overcame a compound product line of consign of Lao Sima humble to deploy extruder of double screw of ZE 110 UT. To the 2nd product line, the extruder of ZE 98 double screw that Lang Chengze chose to capture series of BluePower of Lao Sima humble, will employ the same solution that pack. Before this, kelaosimafei is in center of research and development of its Han Nuowei specific to Lang Cheng material recipe undertook manufacturing a test. On the product line that the good program that produces different product provides in Kelaosimafei, lang Cheng basically produces per cent of fibre glass weight the PBT between 5-60% and PA composite material, use at the electric car trade that expands flourishingly. The line is produced to go up in this, to polyester fiber and polyamide two kinds of base material, the bolt that each one is optimized is usable, when the staff member needs to producing changeover only, change can, thereby big limit ground shortens installation time. Resemble a product line same, the 2nd product line also will be deployed optimize wear away defend, general and metric station, side is mixed into makings machine gas unit, so that be opposite,a variety of recipes undertake machining.

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