Recently, kang Daxin material issues announcement, to reflect fixed position of this company strategy and business structure better, convenient investor understands company strategy direction and core competition ability, develop the market better, promote its integrated competition ability, the thirtieth of the 4th board of directors that held on June 28, 2021 is discussed 9 times on the conference passed " what change company name about drafting is second reading " , change is Kang Daxin material (group) Inc. , negotiable securities abbreviation and negotiable securities code are changeless.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This second more the mark sex node that renown item is promotion of strategy of group of Kang Daxin timber, this company will combine “ of actual follow closely 5 years of programs and the 14th way that new material and electronic science and technology concerned in ” of compendium of distant view target 2035, upgrade gradually become brand-new, banner “ new material + ” of war industry science and technology is endowed with with science and technology can industrialization group. It is drawing with market demand, the entrance is replaced for the target, develop new material of functional sex high polymer energetically, it is industrial basis with adhesive, special type colophony is propped up for the strategy, combinative natural resources and oneself advantage to electronic information data (if contain fluorine to get together acyl inferior pottery and porcelain of special type of material of hydrofluoric acid of amine series, tall purity, semiconductor target, ITO kind, chemistry of photoetching glue series, electron shows stuff) , high-powered composite material (be like, give attention to two or morethings of stimulative home, international market, the army and the people, union yield be in harmony, realize pattern of product structure, growth stage by stage upgrade. Kang Daxin material is one basically pursues the business of careful chemical industry of research and development of product of new material of adhesive and high polymer, production and sale, the product basically includes the product of model of hundreds kinds of the 8 old series such as annulus oxygen glue, polyurethane glue, acrylic glue, norms.

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