Recently, jiangxi province industry and informatization hall announced Jiangxi to save “ high quality of industry of 945 ” new material develops a program. To 2025, cultivate group of industry of 3 2 an one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class, -1539607552 class, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class, 5 above business income obtains business of 10 billion yuan of above, ” of 10 home's banner small giant of “ of new material domain enterprise, industrial dimensions breaks through 600 billion yuan. During 945 ” of “ , jiangxi chemical industry is new material general main attack is high-powered plastic reach colophony, organic silicon new material of chemical industry of salt of new material, fluorine, chloric alkaline chemical industry is new the 4 big fields such as material. High-powered plastic reach colophony: Aim at the burgeoning domain such as medicine of car of information of energy-saving environmental protection, electron, new energy resources, 5G, biology to develop chemical of stuff of high-powered colophony, high-powered film, high-powered fiber, electron to wait, promote a product additional cost. Develop high-powered olefin, aromatic hydrocarbon, high-powered synthetic resin, thermoplastic project of elastomer, special type is plastic, high-powered fiber, the temper with fire that makes PX—PTA—PET— downstream product turns unifinication industry chain, the development structure that forms ” of head of “ small oil, big chemical industry. Organic silicon new material: Those who strengthen organic silicon by-product is integrated use, standard of bad news of physical ability of annulus of will organic silicon promotes international advanced standard. Develop the special type balata such as balata of phenyl silicon balata, high strenth silicon, add breed name. Develop balata of addition vulcanization silicon, preparation the pure, insipidity, glue mixing refine that avoids 2 paragraphs of vulcanization, development does not have bittern flame retardant silicon balata, medium balata of silicon of phenyl of tall phenyl content, low pressure becomes tall to fight the balata that rip silicon, avoid the breed such as balata of silicon of 2 paragraphs of vulcanization, form the form a complete set that is aimed at different domain to change, seriation product. Development is had stick those who receive environmental protection of function, green fast solidify, high to take off vulcanization of alcohol room temperature organic silicon fluid sealant and fill seal glue, key development is added stick, catalysis, vulcanization is restrained wait for technology and high-powered auxiliary, development is tall transparent, tall heat conduction, flame retardant wait for functional sex product. Research green preparation technology, the key develops silicone of the form of a drug that do not have dissolve, tall transparent, high temperature resistant, waterproof, prevent ultraviolet LED and solar battery to enclose with silicone, organic silicon modified resin, the organic silicon model of high temperature resistant, tall insulating properties is plastic, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure await, anti-fouling wait for new breed of organic silicon coating. Develop continuous method to synthesize silicon alkyl coupling agent and cross-linking agent green to manufacture a technology, in increasing silicon alkyl ester to change a course, chloric loop uses technical development, perfect and direct way synthesizes alkyl craft of alkyl of oxygen radical silicon, key development environmental protection, compound model, function and new luscious base silicon alkyl coupling agent and cross-linking agent. New material of fluorine salt chemical industry: Produce fluorite resource advantage adequately, undertake closing managing to develop and be used integratedly, catenary of industry of chemical industry of salt of farther outspread fluorine, improve the manufacturing technology of electronic class hydrofluoric acid, increase proportion of product of new material of high-end fluorine chemical industry considerably, dimensions of implementation foundation raw material is changed, intermediate system product is changed subtly, new product environment is friendly change, high end of the material that contain fluorine is changed. Contain respect of fluorine essence fine chemical, develop Chinese ink of fossil of lithium of 6 fluorine phosphoric acid, fluorine, fluorine to change tungsten and fluorine to change the rare earth, medicine that contain fluorine, pesticide and dye mainly stuff of the coating of carbon of activator of the body intermediate, surface that contain fluorine, fluorine, film that contain fluorine, fluorine turns pitch, electron. Contain fluorine polymer respect, key development gets together propylene of complete fluorine second, get together slant fluorine ethylene, get together 3 fluorine chloric ethylene, ethylene - the colophony of high quality fluorine such as copolymer of 4 fluorine ethylene, and balata of fluorine aether balata, fluorine silicon balata, 4 third fluorine, environmental protection is able to bear or endure the high-powered fluorine balata such as microtherm fluorine balata. Contain respect of fluorine alkyl hydrocarbon, the key develops the agent of the new-style refrigeration that contain fluorine such as HFC-125, HFC-134a, R-410a. New material of chloric alkaline chemical industry: With petro-chemical union development is opposite acyl of armour of benzene of chloridize of 2 chloric benzene, chloric toluene, toluene, benzene is chloric wait for core of chemical new material intermediate body, among medicine, pesticide body, get together to downstream and outspread development the project such as amine of the acyl inside benzene sulfur aether, oneself is material of high polymer of sex of plastic, function, high-powered fiber. Jiangxi saves group of industry of chemical new material to wait with city of 9 rivers, another name for Jiangxi Province for the key, form 9 rivers petro-chemical industry, always repair organic silicon industry, Le Ping to do bittern medicine industry of careful chemical industry, newly to change an industry to wait for industrial board piece.

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