Material behavior depends on the element such as the permutation of the composition of material and its element part. Researcher second discovered a kind to pass canal of rice of revulsive carbon accept to produce Mo Rui (Moiré ) the method of design. This kind of structure may be in data research play action, be in especially superconductive material domain. The research group of Tokyo university Chemstry Department basically is raw material with carbon, create structure of accept rice material. Their target is the new method that explores structure of rice of creation carbon accept, find useful application for its. The new breakthrough of their lab is the canal of carbolic accept rice of a kind of new form that has specific atom to arrange. "The carbolic accept rice of the atomic ply that we created different sort successfully is in charge of, they can assemble complex structure oneself, "Researcher says. "The chip that the carbolic atom that arranges by hexagon furls makes these accept rice valves. We were done wide, also did narrow, can install inside. This means the complex construction tubal account that produces from this to have double deck wall. The hexagon design of these layers is deflection, such two formed design of so called Mo Rui together. And this to material researcher the sense is great. "  is become reduplicative design when mutual overlay, can appear new result design. If you are again mobile among them one, opposite perhaps the shift at the layer, result design can produce slight change, for example, if you pass through net shade to see door of a gauze, or you put two bolt together. When reseau of hexagon of atomic of a carbon opposite at another similar hexagon reseau rotates a little when, the Mo Rui design of the group can appear. These design are to reveal not just, they can gift material with functional character. The likelihood in the character that creates from here is special two domains that be benefited are synthetic chemistry, because of Mo Rui carbolic double deck is in charge of a likelihood is to have challenge sex but charming element assembles a target oneself, and superconductive material, this may bring about the generation of electric equipment to leap, the power that these equipment run place to need wants low much, and meet get more by force than the ability of current equipment much.

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