On April 15, 2021, net of official of Japanese Dong Li company reports: Had developed a kind to have double the film of carbon dioxide depart of complete carbon structure. Two-tier structure includes to regard the thin carbon membrane separation of the hollow and poriferous carbon fiber that prop up and surface as the layer. This film has performance of superior carbon dioxide depart and abiding durable sex. With traditional inorganic depart velar photograph is compared, equipment is more compact. Technology of carbon dioxide depart is crucial to using carbon dioxide to achieve circular carbon economy. This technology is used normally absorb and suck have as an attached institution to have. However, the problem of this kind of equipment is bulk giant, waste a large number of the sources of energy. Accordingly, this kind of current situation also promoted the to technology of energy-saving membrane separation research inside limits. The gas that because thinner and it is better to have,bore diameter is less than the detached layer of 1 accept rice is osmotic, but inferior compression sex need and union of the layer that prop up. The groovy inorganic layer that prop up is hard and brittle, and the diameter cannot be reduced, prevent compact module to enclose thereby with miniaturization. On November 18, 2019, dong Li company announces: Had created last having accept rice class is successive the poriferous carbon fiber of aperture structure (Dong Lixin material - the poriferous carbon fiber that has successive aperture structure) , if pursue 1, 2. Use this kind of fiber to serve as the layer that prop up, can reduce the weight that is used at greenhouse gas depart and the advanced film that make hydrogen, make them more compact, improve performance thereby.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This kind of fiber can think aeriform depart film offers the layer that prop up, through forming hollow fiber, aeriform depart film has exceedingly good gas osmotic, chemistry and hear resistance. Poriferous carbon fiber regards the thin hollow fiber that the film of depart of new-style carbon dioxide of this company uses a diameter to be less than 300 micron as the layer that prop up. In the surface it is an even carbolic membrane separation with a few only thick micron layer. Because prop up layer and detached layer to become independent each other, this kind of detached film offerred outstanding carbon dioxide depart and abiding durable sex. This kind of film is very soft, very thin, can resemble common thread same serial production. High density is enclosed make module miniaturization. Below identical bulk, CO2 transmitance can compare component of detached film of groovy and inorganic CO2 to raise 5 times. A of Dong Lixin detached film potential use is natural gas is purified with firedamp. Benefit is opposite with functional layer of detached gas alternative, new-style and detached film still can be used at making hydrogen and purify, depart of waste gas carbon dioxide and application of other gas depart. The innovation ability of the center of innovation of research and development of future of annals congratulate plant that Dong Li will use a company to held water 1926, through cooperating with the academic orgnaization that comes from different domain and crucial partner, more advanced gas detached film is commercialized, implementation is strategical open innovation. East Li Bingcheng “ creates new value with the concept of innovation, technology and product, make the business concept that contributes ” for the society, will continue to help solve environment, resource and energy problem, and proceed research and development, counteract in order to realize carbon.

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