On August 24 although ECH did not go up drop, the price still as always strong; BPA small go up 100, also be did not stop a pace, stride half step, have progress every day. The friend encircles somebody to say: One half step of BPA, one stride of LER. LER maintained perch recently uncompromising, although accept the order,show slightly with early days comparing delicate. Why LER is uncompromising, have in factory heart actually think, this BPA is hear Jing thunder at breathed place, although compared calm recently, but one odd a clap of thunder that is disastrous, reliable to go up, and sell and cherish. The LER September is bullish also not only it is BPA anticipates see many factor, traditional busy season, purchasing a solar month of 31 days is another main factor. Do not look the market is not lukewarm recently not fire, not be to be not bought downstream, that is to disrelish expensive in digestive inventory, the city after be on watch for is moved toward. But one only stock uses up almost to all want to move to take money necessarily. No matter be really false, see in friend circle the dry Dou Ting that sells data is good anyway. Not be to cut screen congratulates such-and-such sale one day to explode odd 10 come 10 thousand, of 200 thousand, namely cut screen acknowledgment pays a hundred thousands of telegraphic transfer money to Zhang, this one every day ……Have go out to have surely into. This has what appear and disappear to be entered greatly greatly, you are not being taken the advantage of did not clutch too high now the ground, when work out everybody of like a swarm of bees take money, either doing not have merchandise on hand is the price taller, that is troublesome big. BPA of petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province will want contest to pat again on August 25, the market is paying close attention to, press current condition analysis, won't lower than last week, everybody notices to look.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City