Current and flame retardant the focus of research depends on: The fire retardant that do not have bittern, do not have antimonial fire retardant without bittern, do not have metallic oxide fire retardant without phosphor without bittern; Flame retardant focusing of colophony composition content seals mount in Fu copperplate and electron; Flame retardant colophony of hot solid sex / thermoplastic colophonyComposite materialBecome new research heat. What be worth to put forward particularly is, get together alkyl of organic silicon oxygen serves as without the bittern, attention that gets a colleague without the phosphor, new-style fire retardant that does not have metallic oxide; Become the heat of marine coating from coating of flame retardant and organic silicon; Cyanic acid ester becomes research heat as flame retardant, heat resistant material; Get together fragrant aether serves as high temperature resistant, flame retardant the new-style material that material has made industrialization. Fire retardant of resinous of hot solid sex becomes heat in research, among them essence is flame retardant colophony studies from in the past thermoplastic colophony focusing originallies to heat sexual colophony; And in domain of colophony of hot solid sex, epoxy resin makes one of focal points again. Divide new-style without bittern flame retardant Fu copperplate, environment is friendly outside electronic chemical and electronic component, Epoxy resinFlame retardant research basically distributings in 5 respects. It is an electron first dielectric and be able to bear or endure immersed solder photosensitive forms content. Hanamura of Toshiba chemistry company, the research and development such as Kenichiro be used at electronic dielectric or be able to bear or endure the epoxy resin of the photosensitive that do not have bittern of soldering fluid utility forms content, can use at be able to bear or endure immersed solder fluid or presswork the interlining dielectric of circuit board, include agent of accelerant of agent of colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid, epoxy resin, thinner, solidify, solidify, photosensitive, 9 of 2-50 portion, 2 hydrogen of 10- - 9- oxygen is miscellaneous - 10- oxygen phosphine poors - 10, 10-(2, 2 hydroxide of 5- phenyl) - 10- hydrogen - 9- oxygen is miscellaneous - 10- oxygen phosphine poors - 10 or its ramification and inorganic filling, this composition content is had stick goodly receive gender, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure wet reach fireproof sex. It is low next those who release a quantity is flame retardant condensate. NEC company Iji, masatoshi applied for a problem to be “ flame retardant epoxy resin comprises hot solid sex the United States of content ” , this kinds of environment affects small, tall anti-flammability to heat up solid sex content of epoxy resin composition includes 2 indispensable constituent: Contain phenyl the annulus oxygen mixture of crystal and luscious group, phenolic aldehyde is compound content. In forming content for example, equivalent of the oxygen that contain annulus 170, softening point the epoxy resin of 104 ℃ 21.2% reach the hydroxyl equivalent of 9.8% for 106, the phenol that softening point is 80 ℃ - colophony of formaldehyde phenolic aldehyde, its are heavy all the element is measured 1200, tg104 ℃ , oxygen demand 37.1% , have release gender and solidify property goodly. The 3rd it is epoxy resin flame retardant solidify agent. Phosphor fastens epoxy resin flame retardant the heat that solidify agent already made current research, agents of all sorts of the solidify that contain phosphor use epoxy resin composite material successfully, especially in lamination material. Content of phosphor of agent of several kinds of when already synthesized the anti-flammability solidify dose that give new-style solidify that contain phosphor uprights at 3 ~ 15% between, by solidify guides person after epoxy resin, can try to improve to the anti-flammability of epoxy resin. The 4th it is 6 bromine the department is flame retardant annulus oxygen is right the modified of ABS. The research such as Bar-Yaakov of limited company of Israel bromic compound fire retardant, flame retardant colophony composition content and its preparation, among them flame retardant compound is halogenate epoxy resin, this compound can be bromine changes epoxy resin, its annulus oxygen base the group changes HBPMAE to embed by bromine partly at least paragraph. For example, the mixture that F-2200 bromine dissolves epoxy resin to become aether of Chan Jia of A- of 4 bromic double phenol and activator with main group undertakes handling getting bromic epoxy resin of a kind of modified () of equivalent of 13107g/ of annulus oxygen equivalent. Contain oxygen of afore-mentioned modified bromic annulus (the ABS colophony of the moulding of 21.8%) and other constituent, 29.3 J/m of its breach impact strength, pyrolysis temperature 70.4 ℃ (use fire retardant of common annulus oxygen (F-2016) its data is 16.1 J/m and 69.7 ℃ ) respectively. Nitrogen, phosphor, antimonial cooperate with flame retardant effect is the 5th respect. The Bhuniva of center of science of material of Indian technology academy, sankar, studied nitrogen is mixed of phosphorous radical polymer flame retardant and characteristic, and the influence of nitrogen and antimony to its anti-flammability, synthesized commonner than having of the standard epoxy resin of chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of double phenolic A- flame retardant the effect thermal stability is better, better contain phosphor and heterocycle base epoxy resin, still covered nitrogen and antimony are right phosphorous radical and heterocycle base the influence of epoxy resin anti-flammability. In some specific P/N or antimony / the synergism when N scale is big. Anyhow does not have bittern fire retardant, do not have antimonial fire retardant without bittern, do not have metallic oxide fire retardant without phosphor without bittern, flame retardant focusing of colophony composition content seals mount in Fu copperplate and electron, flame retardant colophony of hot solid sex / thermoplastic colophony composite material becomes new research heat. What epoxy resin is base material is flame retardant material is well worth doing in this one domain, be sure to gain height of inside and outside of course of study and pay close attention to extensively, fashion industry of new-style fire retardant, approach colophony of hot solid sex is flame retardant the technology makes progress. More and detailed report pays close attention to of answer ability network please

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