AOC announces to roll out Next zoology label, use at low VOC product, use biology base or the product that secondary material regards raw material as, and the product that old rate reduces carbolic footmark. Does AOC have a lot of Next? Zoology product, it is better to help a client make process and terminal product obtain but durative. Advancing an industry to supply chain but durative development respect, AOC takes leading edge all the time, wear of offerred product and solution is admirable (use at industrial equipment anticorrosive layer) , need only low safeguard (use at building and infrastructure structure and adhesive) , prolong existing service life tubal a network (safeguard drinkable aqueduct and sewage conduit) . Go 10 years, AOC was developed a series of can last product and material solution, include not to have styrene colophony, low styrene colophony, be based on reclaim the product of PET raw material and the biology in raising colophony base raw material content. All have below AOC different brand but durative colophony, include Beyone, Atlac, Palatal, Palapreg and Synolite. Its collective character depends on, can help AOC client run business with the means that can last more, for its the user offers the promotion life quality, product that reduces environmental burden and solution. Nowadays, AOC rolls out Next of label of new generation zoology, use at identifying better but those conduce to — of durative zoology colophony product reduce VOC, use biology base raw material or reclaim raw material, or the product that reduces carbolic footmark.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Beyone120-Q-01 and AtlacPremium600X are not to have styrene resinous classical, help AOC client reduces manufacturing workshop VOC to discharge, eliminate installation spot and the styrene during construction works to discharge. Without styrene colophony not only make work environment gets ameliorative, use process of the installation process that still avoided to apply at the residence, industry and terminal user sends out styrene odour. The PET raw material that the H432 of AOC and H421 series colophony reclaim with life rubbish is chemistry radical. PET bottle and container are smashed small, through a certain number of reaction, filter working procedure is become by treatment intermediate body, body is raw material of a variety of general resinous foundation among this. Every tons of colophony uses up bottle of about 4250 PET! The PET matrix colophony of AOC replaces acrylic acid kind colophony, use at pouring, twine, the hand is burnt, eject shape craft. The product can be used at bath crock, cistern, shower dish, irrigate conduit and sewer, and application of a lot of other construction composite material. Next aids Joe Salley of apparitor of banquet of AOC of   of   of force happiness future to express: “ comes for years AOC is rolled out a series of can last product and solution, we feel very proud for this. Now as Next? Of zoology label roll out, make the client can select green product better, choose pair of climate that we provide to affect small solution. ”Vice president of AOC Asia-Pacific division     “AOC won't at this point ” of go no further, mr Gao Ge says vice president of AOC Asia-Pacific division: We devote oneself to “ the product that development can improve condition of job of mould pressing workshop, and what more sufficient favourable geographical position offers with the earth is rare lack resource. Next? The market that zoology label tries hard the innovation that raises AOC place to do is approbated degree, this conduces to us extending composite material market apparently, build the value that can develop continuously to advocate in all together with the client. ”Chief inspector of sale of market of region of AOC of   of   of chief inspector of sale of market of region of AOC of   of   of Yan Zhenghua Mr Yan Zhenghua complements: “AOC continues to explore traditional colophony to acquire the property of more light qualitative excel in on one hand, help client achieves intensive to change technical course of production; On the other hand, also be more important way be, innovate continuously, break through confine of conventional technology raw material, roll out more new generation to provide but healthy and environmental protection of durative, zoology, friendly colophony product. ”“AOC embraces some comparativing product of zoology of Next new generation already was in Europe and application of American market maturity are old. AOC will make full use of the technical advantage of group company, cooperate with development of raw material partner, advance new generation jointly low VOC colophony, be in without styrene colophony, environmental protection colophony industrialized batch application of home, continue to lead composite material the technology, the basic principle that the high quality of 945 programs dominant expands government of suit of development of the industry that help strength and green environmental protection can develop continuously and requirement. I believe, the technology that accords with industrial policy and industrial development tide will bring opportunity to composite material industry, the progress that makes composite material trade jumps new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, do do greatly strong. ”

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