To aid Li Ningbo 246 industries group develops, petrifaction industry carries green of stimulative north logical sequence to upgrade character, implementation area more high quality develops, area of promotion north logical sequence belongs to the operation of the state-owend enterprise and gain ability, recently, area of boreal logical sequence is handed in cast foreign Inc. of group and peaceful wave annulus to sign strategic cooperation agreement formally, joint-stock establish “ Zhejiang link ” of limited company of data of foreign Xing Huaxin, register capital gold 1 billion yuan, collective construction carbon project of garden of industry of economy of loop of 3 industries catenary. Project optional location stands erect in blueness of area of boreal logical sequence garden of industry of chemical new material, plan 540 mus to use the land, total investment makes an appointment with 6.5 billion yuan, among them fixed assets investment makes an appointment with 3.2 billion yuan, the project is built period 3 years, project content includes to build 100 thousand tons / year special type epoxy resin, 200 thousand tons 1, chloric propane of oxygen of 260 thousand tons of 2 alcohol, annulus reachs 3- third deputy resource yield salt uses industry integratedly wait for device. The project is amounted to postpartum, will realize epoxy resin, 1, chloric propane of oxygen of 2 alcohol, annulus produces 3- third can the whole nation the first. It is reported, 1, 3- third 2 alcohol are production gets together to benzene third of 2 formic acid 2 mellow ester (PTT) main raw material, PTT fiber is had good resilience and fight contamination, in carpet, project the domain such as fabrics of plastic, clothing applies extensive, market prospect is very capacious. 1, 3- third at present home does not have 2 alcohol large-scale production unit, will come true after new project put into production 1, 2 mellow dimensions change 3- third the quantity is produced. The tall salt waste water of own research and development of foreign company of peaceful wave annulus handles technical international initiate of banner, home, realized epoxy resin tall salt waste water is harmless change processing, solved this one cosmopolitan difficult problem effectively, fill home is blank. Current, this technology already applied at project of circular economic integration, it is home boiler circulation of first useless salt uses cleanness integratedly to convert demonstrative plant of manufacturing epoxy resin. This project is amounted to postpartum, predicting annual produce 10 billion yuan, annual interest embellish 3 billion yuan, implementation mu all taxation exceeds 3 million yuan / mu. Origin: State of peaceful wave city endowment appoint, epoxy resin communication and trade

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