Recently, long promote data industry (cupreous hill) limited company produces per year project of 197 thousand tons of synthetic resin to hold the ceremony that seal a top in project spot.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Yang Rusong of deputy mayor of cupreous hill municipal government, cupreous hill is versed in via opening area party appoint secretary, canal appoint conference chairman Gu Jinsong, long promote Mao Huikuan of data group general manager, long promote data industry (cupreous hill) Lin Xuequan of limited company general manager attends a project to seal a ceremony to make a speech, be in charge of via opening an area appoint representing of can various unit and long promote cooperative manufacturer to waited to also witness this one glorious hour jointly.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

As we have learned, this project always invests 1.035 billion yuan, buy manufacturing facilities and auxiliary equipment in all 600 (set) , mold colophony of colophony of not saturated polyester, alkyd, polyurethane, acrylic resin (ability in swimming, oily) , 37 product line such as amino colophony, fluorine carbon colophony, produce per year product of of all kinds synthetic resin 197 thousand tons. Build entirely amount to postpartum, predicting annual produce 2.3 billion yuan, annual interest embellish 210 million yuan, year taxation 190 million yuan, increase obtain employment newly 320 people.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Project since start working, hold to “ start working namely decisive battle ” , overcome high temperature, rainy, be restricted to wait for disadvantage all right, below the collective help that opens an area in cupreous hill municipal government and classics, the project builds each task according to established node efficient advance. Long promote Lin Xuequan of data general manager to express on Feng Dingyi type: Advance those who cannot leave cupreous hill municipal government and classics to open an area smoothly of “ project to support energetically, we will seal a top to serve as new start, continue to grasp the concept that supports tamp, innovation, environmental protection, make the product of high quality synthetic resin of green diversity. ” at the same time, director Gu Jinsong also points out, we want “ to make item of new material colophony become classics is the leading sheep of industry of synthetic resin opening an area, new surveyor's pole, for high quality of economy of cupreous hill city development contributes force. ”

Catch a project to stress development namely, seek a project to plan tomorrow namely. Deputy mayor Yang Rusong expresses, we will offer “ as always the the most high grade, closest service, perfect the industrial modes of life and relation to their environment that promotes cupreous hill city jointly. ” in recent years, cupreous hill municipal government, classics opens an area to hold to optimize battalion business environment to regard promotion as the competition ability, important grasper that promotes high quality development, ceaseless aggrandizement project serves, optimize a service supply, promotion is service efficiency, solid make good business, item each servive routine. Do sth for sb in whole journey of respect of formalities of project early days, adopt “ to serving item to examine and approve one-stop ” serves, the form that leaves solid collate union with the line with attempering on the line is company project development to offer advantage, force of labor of development of high quality of economy of city of the hill that it is copper is endowed with can.

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