Recently, in the Fujian Province coating of oxygen of annulus of Fusong of You Xi county of 3 bright city produces spot of project first phase, building of project research and development, public project building already completed main body construction, workers are undertaking building metope whitewashs in full blast, and the construction of roofing steel structure of workshop, storehouse.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Project of production of coating of Fu Songhuan oxygen is to save priority discipline, entered 2020 before be stationed in You Xi county to change labour garden area to be in charge of subtly piece area, the project always invests 213 million yuan, floor area 42 thousand square metre, introduce automation coating to produce equipment, annulus oxygen coating can be produced per year after building go into operation 30 thousand tons, annual produce amounts to 300 million yuan. “ project 2 period already finished land to buy, undertaking the project plans, be about to undertake infrastructure is built. Yu Peng of manager of department of engineering of limited company of science and technology of loose new material introduces ” Fujian blessing.

Since this year, you Xi carries out construction of the priority discipline that visit town as development fulfil “ of provincial Party committee to learn greatly to contend for the actor, important grasper that dare contend for effect ” to act for try to be the first, get right on the job, share 21 projects to include a province priority discipline, the amount occupies whole town first place. Strengthen a project to ensure strength, prejudication of the program optional location that analysis of one by one may exist, land, annulus is judged, the newspaper such as construction license approves a newspaper to propose an issue, solve for the ground, ask for the ground to tear open the element such as change to guarantee an issue; Promotion project serves temperature, plan as a whole prefectural finance 10 million yuan, support major project early days to work, altogether of channel of perfect “ news is enjoyed, whole journey paralell connection does sth for sb, project of ” of the service before leaning actively is examined and approve carry fast 3 mechanisms; Execute major project “ an a leading leader, service only mechanism of job of ” of plan of a class, job, do not divide according to “ day and night, do not divide workaday holiday, do not divide job of sunshine wet ” to ask, aid push a project to grab time limit for a project, drive plan.

According to publishing a material, limited company of Fujian blessing loose paint is volume product development, production, sale those who be an organic whole is all-around development enterprise, have the research and development of 60000 square and manufacturing base, the product involves coating of marine coating, industry to wait muti_function anticorrosive and antirust product, basically use at concrete of labour of steel structure of area of shipping, air, marine project, harbor, bridge to wait.

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