Serve as batch of cities that open to the outside world, the economy of Zhuhai grows all the time since quite rapid. Guangdong Zhuhai is Pearl River mouth on the west the core city of the bank, also be the important node city of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province. Development of Zhuhai economy technology serves as Pearl River on the west a development of class economy technology of port, have advantageous geographical requirement, among them high hurdles harbor is Pearl River more on the west the harbor of exclusive deep water of port. Accordingly, companies of a lot of new and high technology are here be born, implementation industry grows.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Recently, grand prosperous electron issues announcement, say its will produce per year liquid state epoxy resin in Guangdong Zhuhai construction 140 thousand tons of projects, total investment achieves 600 million yuan, will sign formally with committee of management of development of Zhuhai economy technology on August 18 " the project invests agreement " . The project builds content to include: The area that make Cheng (manufacturing workshop) , the establishment such as area of public workshop, storage, brine area. Grand prosperous electron expresses to will use advanced technique technology, optimize parameter of technological process, operation. Epoxy resin of electric sub level got rapid development in electronic industry in recent years, it is one kind is in electric equipment, electric machinery, electron yuan the insulation of parts of an apparatus and enclosed main product. Be in especially semiconductor yuan the model of parts of an apparatus is sealed in, having decisive effect. Grand prosperous electron is one of businesses that produce epoxy resin of high-end report sub level, its product can replace foreign congener product completely, help strength epoxy resin of homebred report sub level realizes new development. It is reported, this project is cast entirely postpartum, annual produce will exceed 2.2 billion yuan, year taxation achieves 50 million yuan. Still can drive Zhuhai obtain employment in addition, development of technology of stimulative Zhuhai economy forms chain of more complete new material industry, assemble industry dominant position.

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