On April 22 morning, by big the Tang Dynasty, the Hainan that Oriental and electric, report builds look forward to of 3 large center to be made jointly is foreign Pu Hai is windward electric industry garden is formal start working. Secretary of municipal Party committee of state of members of standing committee of Hainan provincial Party committee, Dan holds foreign riverside concurrently to be versed in appoint clerical Yang Xiao and attend an activity and announce start. Project of garden of wind cable industry is sufficient on Pu Hai of sea southern Asia Hainan of have the aid of from trade harbor policy, area with resource advantage, part is large the Tang Dynasty, the strength that Oriental and electric, report builds look forward to of 3 large center, group of industry of high end of report of joint development exit maritime wind. The project basically includes equipment of maritime wind phone to make, exit reachs demonstrative application, wind report, hydrogen can, the investment development of the high-end industry such as marine grass, integrated the sources of energy. Industrial garden area always invests 4.8 billion yuan, always accumulate 1060 mus with the ground, construction produces per year 1 billion made of baked clay class base of equipment of maritime wind phone. The project predicts to realized typhonic machine to get offline in June 2023, implementation will be amounted to in June 2024 produce. In the meantime, form a complete set of big Tang Jiang builds maritime wind cable in maritime space of ministry of Dan city northwest, project nervous and orderly in advancing, strive for at an early date start working construction. After project building put into production, coal of annual and managing mark 1.1 million tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 2.87 million tons, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge 23 thousand tons, reduce azotic oxide to discharge 13 thousand tons. The construction of a series of major projects is carried out, the construction that drives downstream industry catenary and project of relevant form a complete set extensively and investment, the economic society that is place develops and from cleanness of trade harbor green construction of island of the sources of energy makes enormous contribution, reveal an enterprise to serve to build the main effect of arms of main force, the person at the head of a procession from trade harbor.

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15-18 December

New York City