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Invest Du Bang of 30 million dollar to build bind agent plant in Home Zhang harbor

On April 20, du Bang company announces to restrict investment 30 million dollar save city of Home Zhang harbor to build a manufacturer in Jiangsu. New plant faces production the bind agent product of automobile industry client, mix with contented car electrification light quantify trend of two great progress. Factory general 2021 the 3rd quarter begins construction construction, predict will at the put into production at the beginning of 2023. New production facilities is located in free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor inside garden of industry of chemistry of Yang Zijiang international, aim to satisfy the market to be opposite the demand that the solution of technology of advanced bind agent of Du Bang traffic and material career ministry increases ceaselessly, include the following product among them: BETAFORCE? TC and BETATECH? Does the batteries when is —— of hot interface material charging to mix dynamical car and pure electric car and moving heat up management to offer BETAFORCE of supportive     ? Is —— of agent of composite material bind used at batteries sealed with assemble     BETAMATE? —— of structural bind agent is used at structure of car automobile body and batteries sticky receive, can promote a car be able to bear or endure to hit function and reduce   of   of heft of automobile body construction as we have learned, new plant will have advanced craft ability, outstanding product quality, enough yield can and the traffic traffic condition that facilitates particularly and content shed a dominant position, provide technical support in order to satisfy the requirement of region market, ensure top-ranking client experiences.

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