In robot technology domain, the metal has the advantage such as high strenth, durable sex and conductivity. But, they stupid hard, these character are in calculate and can appareling do not need in the soft and flexible system of man-machine interface. On the other hand, water gel weight is light, but drawing and have biology consistence, because this makes,its are become invisible glasses and the good stuff that organize project support. But, their conductivity is very poor, digital circuit and place of biology electron application need this. The researcher of lab of university soft machine developed Kaneijimeilong a kind of distinctive silver - water gel composite material, this composite material has tall electrical conductivity, can offer dc, maintain its flexibility and alterable form sex at the same time. The silver-colored chip in suspension micron class is in this group polypropylene acyl amine - in matrix of gel of alga acerbity brine. After passing partial dehydrate course, these chip formed percolation filtration network, this network is electric and be out of shape to machinery have rash club sex. Through operating this dehydrate is mixed hydration process, can make chip is stuck together or burst, form reversible electrical continuity bonding.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The silver that passes electric conduction - the appearance that the power that water gel composite material transmits activationed to suffer the soft swimmer that stingray inspires this remembers alloy muscle
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The close-up   of picture stingray swimmer combines metal and water gel used attempt to make clear before, should rising electrical conductivity and reduce comply with balance has between gender and alterable form sex. Research group is developing liquid state metal but on the foundation of the professional knowledge of elastomer of drawing electric conduction, strive answers this one challenge. Relevant personnel explanation says, because this kind of new-style composite material has tall electrical conductivity and ' of tall compliance or ' plasticity, because this is OK,a lot of application are had in domain of biology electronics etc. Example includes to contain signal to handle the cerebrum paster of sensor, can be electronic equipment power supply can apparel plant of type energy generation and but the monitor of drawing. Can be like art of pattern plate offset to presswork through be similar to the standard method of screen printing silver-colored - water gel is compound content. Researcher uses this kind of technology to develop the skin that is used at stimulation of nerve muscle report to install electrode. Say according to relevant personnel, this kind of composite material can cover the major area of human body, like be being organized with respect to the 2nd nerve that goes up like the skin. Prospective application may include to treat muscle disease and athletic obstacle, help the person that has Pajinsen disease for example quiver or apoplectic hind use finger grab hard certain thing. (origin: Composite material society)

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