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International new research and development: The composite material of new-style polymer glass that inject shapes

A group of researcher of the university and Glassomer of company of material newly established developed Fulaibao jointly one kind shapes with inject the new-style polymer with compatible technology material of cornerstone flower glass. When printing a mould to be used together with 3D, this kind of composite material is OK the complex glass package that tall flux production has impossible before geometry figure. Expectation arrives from optical equipment the potential application of all domains such as solar energy technology and equipment of chip lab medical treatment. Controller of group of lab of Glassomer engineering technology expresses, the component of small-sized high-tech glass of appearance of intricate to having geometry, potential is tremendous. Besides diaphaneity, extremely small coefficient of expansion of glass also makes this technology becomes interesting. If glass makes crucial part, so sensor and optical element can work reliably below any temperature. The new method   that glass makes comes thousands of years, glass is aesthetic all the time, the select material of clairvoyant spare parts expects. Nowadays, this kind of material already was used at arriving from bottle and window all things of high-tech telecommunication equipment. Of vitreous component shape to basically be based on melt, abrade, etch and the craft such as kiln casting, all these craft slow, bad news can, and the respect is spent in geometrical freedom be restricted strictly. On the other hand, noting model to shape is the banner technology of polymer industry. It has cost effectiveness again quickly already, special agree with the batch production that has a variety of spare parts kinds. Study the statement of the group according to Fulaibao, up-to-date ability and high speed pour transparent glass model technology is compatible.

Tens of year come, glass is the 2nd choice of the material in production process all the time, because vitreous formation is too complex, bad news can be big, do not suit to produce high resolution construction. On the other hand, polymer had allowed all these, but their physics, optical, chemistry and heat function are inferior to glass. Accordingly, we combine polymer and vitreous treatment technology, with fast, economy replaces the product that batch produces and complex polymer constituent efficiently with glass. Shape through noting model a kind of the material of new development of complex   of vitreous spare parts is researcher interiorly design special compound grain, can be in shape below the low temperature of 130°C only. This material still has version of liquid state colophony, can print with the 3D that is based on SLA compatible. When the infuse 3D mould that print is medium, it is ivory at the beginning of this material, but can be pure vycor through changeover of heat treatment process. Can fuse with the glass that compares a tradition get much energy less to complete this operation, and shape vitreous component has higher exterior quality, because this eliminated the need of farther polish completely. To make current job becomes a possibility, research group must be solved with material hole rate and grain wear away concerned existing issue. To make this technology more environmental protection, the group still uses water to regard a foundation as material. Coating of small optical glass can improve the efficiency of the solar battery. The high-tech coating with the efficient economy that this technology can use at production to have high fever stability now. 3D is printed and vitreous union often causes the attention of people, but the development that a lot of research organizations hope to drive this one domain. A Bo Du pulls university of kingly science and technology (KAUST) scientists developed a kind of 3D to print the new method with photon fiber-optic crystal nearly - of a kind of special kind fiber-optic. This group built the special 3D printer that is based on SLA for this project compose, this printer makes the scientist can use impossible before in-house geometry appearance to come custom-built its are fiber-optic. Be in other place, lawrence · benefit nots Mo Er lab (LLNL) much material 3D is used to print before researcher, namely direct ink is written (DIW) will make the gradient refractive index with custom-built height (GRIN) vitreous optical parts of an apparatus. This technology allows a lot of optical functions direct process designing arrives in plate glass component, otherwise these functions will need curved surface lens.
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