Polyurethane is a plastic kind, almost nowhere does not include shoe, dress, freezer and housing materials in —— . But the data with these extensive use also has a major drawback. Traditional polyurethane is extracted from inside crude oil, when synthesis poisonous, and decompose slow, chilly to the environment. Today, what researcher discussed to design a kind of their place to say is safer, but of biology degradation replace content, this kind replaces content to come from the trash at the fish- - skin of piscine head, fishbone, fish and piscine bowel, these material can be discarded probably.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Researcher of this project place expresses, if develop a success, a kind of polyurethane that is based on fish oil can be helped satisfy plastic to can lasting more tremendous requirement. ' is important is, we begin there should be a life when the design is plastic terminative plan, no matter be chemical degradation, turn material into carbon dioxide and water, perhaps reclaim and use afresh. '     to make new material, research group extracts oil from inside the remains that has decomposed ending Atlantic salmon. ' I feel very interesting, in the rubbish that how can we throw away casually from people, make an useful thing, can change plastic production way even. The traditional method that produces polyurethane is put in a few environments and safe problem. It needs crude oil (a kind cannot reborn resource) with phosgene (a kind colorless with virulent gas) . The meeting in synthesizing a process produces ester of different cyanic acid, this is a kind of intense respiratory tract exciter, and eventually the product is decomposed not easily in the environment. Finite biology degradation can release the compound that cause cancer. Meanwhile, people is right more the demand of the substitute of environmental protection also is increasing ceaselessly. Before this, the oil that returns somebody to use a plant to extract kind developed new polyurethane, in order to replace oil. However, these also have a drawback. Manufacturing petrolic crop, it is soja normally, need land, and these land are to be able to use those who grow grain originally. The rest fish lets researcher feel is a substitute that has an outlook very much. Salmon breed aquatics is the main industry of Niu Fenlan foreland. After the fish is machined, the part that remain is discarded normally, but can extract oil from which sometimes. Researcher developed a kind to plant this polyurethane of fish oil translate into kind the craft of polymer. First, they add oxygen not saturated oil with controlled means in, mold epoxy resin, be similar to the element in epoxy resin. After reacting these annulus oxide and carbon dioxide, they are together generated member and join of the amine that contain nitrogen, form new material. But plastic can you have fishy smell? When the process that “ begins to use fish oil when us, can have a kind of light fishlike smell, but adopt measure as us, this kind of odour can disappear. ” researcher says. Research group described this kind of method in a paper last year August. Thenceforth rises, we are adjusting it all the time. She changed amine amino acid nearly, this simplified relevant chemical reaction, gained a few successes. And before the amine that they use must be extracted from inside cashew carapace, and amino acid already in consist in nature. Preliminary result makes clear, the part that group ammonia acid and amine of day winter acyl can carry join polymer comes the position of fill amine. In other test, they had begun to once the service life of new material ends,study, it can be decomposed very easily possibly. Researcher immerses its fragment in water, to quicken the degradation of a few fragments, she joined lipase, one kind can be decomposed in resembling fish oil adipose enzymatic. Below microscope, she sees have on all sample later microbial grow, even those also have in the sample in clear water all the time microbial grow, this is an encouraging sign, new material may be very easy biology degradation. Researcher plans to continue to check to use the effect of a kind of amino acid in synthesis, study this kind of stuff is right microbial growth adaptability how, quicken its to decompose thereby. They still plan to study its physics is characteristic, see its frontal potential in applying actually how, be being packed for example or in dress fiber.

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