Through research of 3 years and test and the budgetary expenditure of 6.5 million euro, IRT Saint Exupéry (French graph Lu thises) the scientific group of the institute and METEOR project (ComPEtitive ThErmOplastic PRpreg) the member finished to optimize production high-powered thermoplastic beforehand the research that dip expects, and obtained delectable positive result.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project of METEOR of METEOR project alliance only then at aerospace group GIFAS (Groupement Des Industries Fran? Aises AéroNautiques Et Spatiales, french Paris) wish scene, optimize the manufacturing quality of high-powered composite material and cost namely, these composite material come from those who have competition ability is thermoplastic semi-manufactured goods, these semi-manufactured goods 100% come from France to supply chain, and can pass blame autoclave (OOA) flow undertakes conformity. From this, the task of METEOR is affirmatory, development and all measure that optimize value catenary, reduce thereby beforehand the cost that dip makings makes and the sources of energy, then implementation carbon fiber increases thermoplastic plastic (CFRTP) the application on the aviation structure of industrial dimensions, allegedly this is a space that remains to develop. Each phase of this project include to get together ether ketone ketone (PEKK) the macerate that all sorts of synthesis and micronization, fiber enhance material, overhang and solid knot OOA. Say according to METEOR, make clear according to good prospect, to industry the change of dimensions will become a possibility very quickly. From now on, IRT Saint Exupéry will continue to contribute its major knowledge in the 2nd phase, this comes to the test with new need perfect opposite to produce CFRTP further beforehand the understanding that dip expects and control. The work that begins is based on airbus company (French graph Lu thises) offerred standard and the communication between all project members. For example, akema (French division human relations cloth) can remove multinomial technology obstacle, optimize PEKK resinous to synthesize craft, make scientific group can highlight the prospect that industrial scope technology develops. SDTech (France Alaisi) the micronization that decide and mastered raw material, offer optimized powder for macerate craft. Same, IRT Saint Exupéry, Hexcel Composites (Stanford heart of administrative division of division of American Kang Nie surname) , Chomarat (French Le Cheylard) with Porcher Industries (Bach of German dust Er) the cooperative communication between deepened pair of fiber further encounter in macerate and solid form process, accordingly, optimize place of implementation composite material to need beforehand the configuration that dip expects. Hutchinson (French Paris) still undertake token through the composite material that produces to place, in order to offer the element that to its understand and be being optimized place requires, accompany all test activity thereby. Hind, ICA and CNRT Matériaux (French card is held high) the institute had two papers. The purpose of these papers is to deepen right beforehand the understanding that dip makings produces certain level: “ passes ability in swimming thermoplastic the research of lampwick of macerate of fluid of polymer in suspension. In beforehand dip belt develops medium applied ” (CNRT Matériaux) . “ is fused / of macerate phase build a model. In in try macerate on-line to apply ” (ICA) . According to the report, pass solidify furnace conformity and present a performance level that accords with requirement of aviation domain technology, METEOR project answered the challenge that GIFAS launchs greatly.

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