University of fort of German horse Er and Finnish A Er hold the researcher of the university in the palm, new research positive result was published recently, the carbon that they discovered a kind of conductivity is better than black lead Xi base (Carbon-baSed) material. The structure with carbolic common atom includes black lead, diamond and amorphous carbon, and black lead Xi is the outstanding conductor that discovers in recent years, ply is only an atom, it is with 3 6 horn crystal makes honeycomb appearance, it is a kind of data with weak nowadays, also be current one of important raw material in high-tech industry.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Although be in theoretic, the scientist knows carbolic atom can use more and different crystal structure to comprise different figure, borrow this to form new material, after Xi of Dan Jishi Chinese ink, still give updated structure without method research and development. And the research group that university of equestrian Er fort and A Er ask an university, found a kind of new carbolic crystal structure now, the name is “ couplet 2 inferior phenyl (Biphenylene) ” , ply and black lead Xi are identical, but comprise by square, hexagon and octagon, form orderly crystal lattice. What differ with character of black lead Xi is, new couplet benzene network has metallic character, below the state that there are 21 atomic volumes only in crystal lattice width, couplet 2 inferior the electrical conductivity of phenyl is as identical as the metal already, and the electrical conductivity that black lead Xi has semiconductor only below coequal width. Research group use gold regards synthesis as couplet 2 inferior the carrier of phenyl, in gold apparently, carbolic element can begin coupling to become square, hexagon and octagonal crystal, form “ hand sex (Chiral) ” structure, because this controls the carbon of both sides,the structure will not be united in wedlock together. And group discovery must use gold to serve as carrier, ability keeps hand sex structure, union turns black lead into Xi and preventing carbolic member is not couplet eventually 2 inferior phenyl. “ we think couplet 2 inferior phenyl, can regard more outstanding electronic equipment raw material as ” in the future, researcher expresses, “ regards lithium as the conductor of batteries especially, in the future couplet 2 inferior the labor report of phenyl lithium battery and chargeability, metropolis considerably ” of battery of lithium of Xi of excel black lead. As we have learned, this kind of new material is through will containing carbon the element assembles what make in extremely slick gold surface. These elements form chain first, by conjoint hexagon composition, subsequently reaction forms these chain link square and octagon together. A of these catenary main feature is them be hand sex, this means them to exist with type of two kinds of mirrors, resemble left hand and right hand. Only the catenary of same kind gathers in golden surface, form orderly combination, join again next. This is crucial to the formation of new material with carbon element, because two kinds differ,the reaction between the carbolic catenary of the type can generate black lead Xi only. Relevant personnel explanation says: The think of a way with new “ is to use the body before the element to undertake adjustment, generate couplet benzene Xi and not be black lead Xi. ”Current, study the group is trying hard to produce bigger data chip, so that explore its further,use latent capacity. However, researcher points out, we believe “ this kind of new synthesis method will bring about discovery other new carbolic network ” . And later, research group will be dedicated to the couplet with larger area of research and development 2 inferior phenyl, so that apply the industry that differs in more to go up in the future, the group thinks, couplet 2 inferior the discovery of phenyl, future will inspire other research group, the carbon that finds out more to differ base conductor structure.

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