The name is “ successive fiber is local enhance inject to shape ” (abbreviation IMCoLoR) project, developed a kind of new production technology, this craft will inject one kind for many times shape the compositive combination that makes Cheng and successive carbon fiber enhance material is together, used a kind of core material that can melt, produce thereby go out to pledge gently, the part of air loop plane with friendly zoology. This kind shapes in inject with use former of a solid knot thermoplastic automatic fiber shop is put (abbreviation TP-AFPisc) between formation synergism, will drive pledge gently and high prospective design passes mechanical function the automation of emersion manufactures a technology and be able to come true easily. Use former of a solid knot thermoplastic automatic fiber shop is put (abbreviation TP-AFPisc) unlike make Cheng advancedly at present, cheng is made in these in, composite material structure is in craft catenary compose is built normally come out. Up to now, although inject shapes to already was in thermoplastic get applied extensively in plastic treatment, but be confined to short staple material, on the tradition, successive fiber had be notted use at inject to shape. IMCoLoR project narrowed successfully this one difference, came true to be opposite of this kind of material efficient use. Through using the built-in thing that makes by TP-AFPisc craft, structure of this kind of fiber fits the client's requirement completely, brought additional profit is, old rate land reduced the job decorating a border of composite material component, also reduced waste at the same time. Important is, this new technology still has environmental protection advantage: In producing a course, need not handle 6 price chromic ion (Cr6+ ) . Cr6+ is the chromium with strong noxiousness, in a lot of industry the metropolis in production arises, have very big negative effect to the environment. In addition, use the light simple structure that this kind of new technology makes, still promoted the flight of the plane rate, reduced oil at the same time bad news and discharge. Likewise important is, because use, is thermoplastic plastic and environmental protection craft complementary makings, because this shapes,the component reclaims easily. The challenge that IMCoLoR project faces includes: Find appropriate model antrum design and inject parameter, so that increase carbon fiber polymer (CFRP) in the polymer that insert bag Fu shapes to inject. In addition, find right stuff to combine in order to make between CFRP insert and polymer good stick the thing that receiving also is a difficulty. CFRP insert still must be secured correctly during high pressure injects, be out of shape in order to avoid or amlposition. Inject in PEEK saline core still was used in shaping. PEEK is utility becomes one of profile material for extensive inject, and the use of saline core is more perfect, can melt already because of it the environment is friendly. The result of use salt core is very encouraging, because admirable saline core makes quality,cross section can bear inject load. Eventually, this project finished notional test and verify. What expect is less than is, 23 insert in model component (thick 3mm) on outside discovering an extent, wrinkle blemish, because,this may be between modular core and insert cooperate a problem to bring about. However, 70 insert in demonstrative component (thick 10mm) go up to did not appear however this kind of phenomenon. Next, this project alliance will study new material is combined further, new to this technology undertakes interior is evaluated. In addition, return the latent capacity that produce research salt core in composite material and uses in metallic foundry technology.

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15-18 December

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