The Gao Bijiang of carbon fiber composite material spends character to make its conspicuous all the more in structural application, but, below the condition such as condition of tall meet an emergency or tall fatigue loop, can appear paroxysmal, disastrous invalidation behavior, this makes the central point that the invalidation of low meet an emergency of carbon fiber composite material makes attention. And the injury that composite material interior appears makes this more complex, because of it apparently did not show loss. Accordingly, in carry composite material good performance while, how the structural integrality of itself of monitoring composite material and stress meet an emergency history crucial to ensuring safety moves. The researcher of lab of American oak mountain's successful adoption is successive macerate handles way, does in carbon fiber surface even ground wrap Fu TiO? Accept rice grain, and TiO? The even and dispersive proof of accept rice grain on carbon fiber is OK preparation has those who enhance autobiographical feeling ability to press block sex carbon fiber - polymer base composite material. Compare with the composite material look that did not undertake grain increases, the composite material of grain of built-in accept rice has higher intensity and damp. For composite material of grain of preparation accept rice, carry the successive unit that forms by chamfer of finishing of accept rice grain and size chamfer, undertake handling to carbon fiber. Bath of finishing of accept rice grain is comprised by grain of rice of dispersive underwater accept, it is in macerate process agitate with fiber of even besmear Fu, following plan institute are shown.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Use scanning electron microscope to observe fiber every silk bundle the surface all is put in even coating, as the addition of per cent of weight of grain of rice of the accept in oar chamfer, the content of accept rice grain of fiber surface also increases steadily subsequently, is the A-e in pursueing below TiO respectively? Content of accept rice grain 0, 1.0wt% , 2.0wt% , 3.0wt% and 4.0wt% . Mechanical function result shows composite material: Enhance the TiO in composite material when grain? When be 1.0wt% , the shear strength between the layer of composite material is higher than enhancing premise 14.7% . Enhance the TiO in composite material when grain? When be 1.5wt% , the Tanδ that composite material is in in Tg increases extent to be as high as 247% , explain fiber of coating of accept rice grain has certain damp effect. And the character that control block considers to show, when TiO? When content is 2.5 Wt% , the sensitivity that control block rose 186% . This research is planted through using this successive, trade the craft of coating of accept rice grain that can expand, make went out muti_function carbon fiber composite material, this kind of composite material can increase the strength of composite material structure not only, OK still and compositive the autobiographical feeling capacity that is used at structural health to monitor, because this has potential wide application perspective.

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