Singapore science and technology and design university (the researcher of SUTD) developed a name to embed for automatic fiber (the new technology of AFE) , the fiber that can think production of software robot application is complex and organic silicon are compound structure. A lot of software robot component, include sensor and carry out implement, basically be to use the built-in successive fiber inside stretch base material to realize all sorts of functions. However, because processing is accurate and statified,mix withhold fiber the process in abhorrent design position very complex, because hand of this will successive fiber uses built-in soft base material,have challenge sex extremely.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Under photograph comparing, study the AFE method that the group develops, can be in need not the high accuracy below the condition that user hand changes interpose makes complex layer record composite material, enlarge the limits of production possibility significantly thereby, save time and able-bodied person at the same time. This technology passes direct ink to write, use fiber to embed with automatic means do not have depositly with elastomer seam combination, control the deepness inside complex structure and fiber span accurately. The production of process of this kind of automation to software robot component and custom-built have huge effect, before, these component need a hand to move an operation, and cannot implement complex geometrical form easily. In research, researcher discussed to be in organic silicon elastomer automatic and statified with built-in fibrous 3 kinds differ method.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
To reveal the versatility of these technologies, researcher emphasizes the introduction from aerate carry out implement application of a few kinds of when fill electric coil to the induction soft robots. AFE workmanship realized built-in fiber design to be used at controlling facial expression change, adjust structure and configuration character, activation to heat up an input, realize electric character in soft robot structure. In addition, still revealed the combination of AFE method, can use at making component of many soft Electromechanical independently. This technology showed the progress of workmanship, these craft can be used at be in soft composite material custom-built and complex fiber overall arrangement. This will be all sorts of new application in software robot to create a possibility, include soft sensor and soft communication facility.

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