Xi of accept rice black lead has flexibility, and have distinctive physics and electronic character, by only the carbolic element composition that the beehive account with a large atom arranges. But what this technology still is developing is inchoate, current production method needs to add replace base in order to obtain even data. Till now, the method that does not have additive can bring about fiber flimsy and brittle. Group of an international researcher already developed out to assemble, stable and solid Namishi Mo Xi line. This group begins to synthesize bent, the Xi of accept rice black lead that piles up indefinitely, for example the potato chips in chipboard canister, assemble accept rice clue.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Researcher says the sketch map   of the hierarchy of the fasciculus of carbolic accept rice that makes by the element of Xi of accept rice black lead of occlusive warp, the hydrocarbon line of effective pile is used as material of a variety of accept rice semiconductor likely. Previously, to accuse those who make wire to assemble, must introduce need electronic function with place not relevant or the substituent that won't restrain place to need electronic function base. The purify in connecting associate to make a process is replaced base or additive, researcher can develop the molecular stuff that has specific place to need electronic function. To achieve this one goal, research group developed a kind to call Xi of black lead of rice of accept of warp of “ occlusive ” (BWNG) element, this element has 68 carbon atom and 28 hydrogen atom to form appearance of ” of “ occlusive apple. Solution form is generated, should be in personal alkyl (a kind of composition in having benzine of 6 carbon atomic) after evaporating 24 hours below existence, BWNG becomes gel. Researcher tries to make the molecular recrystallization of primitive solution, in order to adopt the particular structure that X ray crystal learns to check BWNG gel. Watch its diffraction way through using crystal of X ray illuminate, this technology can announce the atom of crystal and molecular structure. Researcher says, we try recrystallization for many times in order to determine a structure, but it grows to have rice of hundreds of accept only. He points out, this kind of dimension learns to X ray crystal for too small. Pass electronic diffraction only (a kind of new method that determines organic material structure) , we just can analyse this structure. Electronic diffraction is similar to X ray crystal to learn, but its use electron replaces X ray, bring about thereby produce interference with sample material, make clear internal composition thereby. They discover, BWNG gel by double catenary, fiber of rice of double helix accept is comprised, they are by bent, the Xi of accept rice black lead of pile is assembled and can become. Researcher says, structure of accept rice fibrous is double catenary double helix, very stable, because this is very solid. Next, we hope to realize a kind of semiconductor line that makes completely by carbolic atom.

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