On July 14 evening, chemical industry changed international to announce in center look forward to half year outstanding achievement is premonitory this year. This year first half of the year, international is changed to predict 879 million yuan to implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge in - 1.055 billion yuan, reduce 51%-59% compared to the same period. Those who deserve attention is, the company predicts implementation is buckled be not profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 786 million yuan - 943 million yuan, grow 29%-55% compared to the same period. Data shows, implementation buckles the company first quarter this year be not profit of net putting in a mother 's charge to be 315 million yuan, 2 quarters predict to be 471 million yuan - 628 million yuan, gain ability reachs annulus to grow considerably than all coming true compared to the same period.

The company shows, this period the main reason that outstanding achievement decreases beforehand is a company to go up data includes year of the corresponding period sell Jiangsu Inc. of raise farming chemical industry (raise farming share) the yield that equity produces. This accrual is occupied go up year of the corresponding period 71% of profit of net putting in a mother 's charge, belong to blame is regular project of increase and decrease. Recursive company manages real gain, be like eliminate equity of raise farming share sells earnings, criterion company first half of the year increase and decrease kind main and financial data relatively on year the corresponding period grows somewhat. Among them, half year buckles the company this year be not profit of net putting in a mother 's charge to maintain rapid growth compared to the same period, accord with the trend that bearing of situation of trade of 2 quarters chemical industry picks up ceaselessly.

In regarding as, change in material science board piece flagship company, international is changed in the careful chemical industry that ceaseless focusing is core with chemical new material advocate course of study, advance strategic transition continuously. As we have learned, this year first half of the year, the company gains breakthrough headway in the many strategies project of domain of chemical new material, or will aid continuously promote growth of company outstanding achievement.

This year 2 quarters, international Ningxia halfback is changed in 40 thousand tons / year nylon project of 66 new material and harbor of Jiangsu Lian Yun 180 thousand tons / year plant of epoxy resin project, all come true to drive to succeed and yield eligible product. Among them, epoxy resin is medium change international carbon propylene of “PDH- of catenary of industry of 3 projects core - chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of A/ of double phenol of phenol acetone & - the terminal product of epoxy resin ” , the harbor that connect the cloud 180 thousand tons / year the success of unit of epoxy resin production joins movement, it is company coke the significant progress of project of 3 industries catenary, structure of industry of unifinication of garden of industry of economy of loop of the harbor that connect the cloud changes in thrust was moved form. After this unit go into operation amounts to effect, overlay company is produced per year 170 thousand tons when already had in Yangzhou can, company epoxy resin always is produced can be as high as 350 thousand tons / year, dimensions already occupied home. International nylon is changed in 66 projects include 40 thousand tons / year nylon 66 reach 25 thousand tons / year intermediate private savings 2 amine, depend on the manufacturing technology of innovation, nylon of breakthrough our country 66 reach body “ is supplied among the key short board ” problem, 66 industries catenary can accuse nylon of promotion our country independently ability and supply safe level. After project put into production amounts to effect, can realize 886 million yuan every year to increase sales revenue newly, also will bring new outstanding achievement point of growth for the company.

In addition, in carbon respect of project of 3 industries first phase, this year in March, the company is started add collect not to exceed 5 billion yuan to be used at carbon surely project of 3 industries first phase and compensatory circulating fund. Project of 3 industries first phase is carbon include 240 thousand tons of acetone of 650 thousand tons of dehydrogenation of 600 thousand tons of propane, phenol, double phenol craft of unifinication of 3 industries catenary produces the carbon of chloric propane of propane of oxygen of 400 thousand tons of A, annulus and oxygen of 150 thousand tons of annulus device. Predict to be able to come true after project put into production year all do business income eleven billion and eleven million yuan, year all profit total 1.715 billion yuan.

Up to by June, carbon project of 3 industries first phase is public complementary project is devoted already use, 150 thousand tons / year annulus oxygen chloric propane combines unit already all fronts be well versed in yields eligible product, earth of project of extend of double phenolic A builds construction to already was finished 75% , construction of other production unit lasts in follow-up, predict this year second half of the year will in succession in hand in and trial production.

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