“ two change after recombining, the company appears on the market outside there are 16 churchyards below the banner, future is in appear on the market company level should be met the different professional work that attends according to industrial catenary undertakes farther conformity, different business board piece can have one the home is large appear on the market company, nevertheless this still needs proper time. What ” will hold on May 18 is medium change specification of international outstanding achievement to be able to go up, liu Gong of international general manager is changed to be born in right two change international is changed to wait in after recombining, be opposite appear on the market the influence of the company made afore-mentioned forecasting.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
On May 8, the group is turned in the parent company that international turns in, what recombine jointly with chemical group is medium change control a finite liability company (next weighing that ”) is changed to hold water formally in “ . After recombining in change total assets and sales revenue in pairs to exceed -727379968 yuan, become the chemical company with big dimensions from this. After “ recombines new in change was gifted the mission that makes company of top-ranking chemical industry, the end that international changes in also should undertake editing accordingly, on base of strategy of company of the innovation that makes drive of science and technology careful chemical industry, make the material platform of class. ” Liu Gong gives birth to the introduction. In fact, before the parent company recombines, the two companies that turn a banner to fall had taken the lead in spreading out in the conformity of business level. This year in Feburary, international is changed to release announcement to say in, imitate the way with paying cash, the Sun Gong department that buys chemical group is amounting to group Inc. first (next Jiangsu that call “ Xian Zhengda group ”) hold limited company of group of raise farming chemical industry (below call “ equity of ”)39.88% of raise farming group. Trade after finishing, xian Zhengda group will be dedicated the business at agriculture and seminal domain, international is changed in dedicated at chemical new material and chemical industry the business of intermediate body domain. “ is original we with respect to hold circle of raise farming chemical industry is intimate the share of 40% , trade after finishing, occupy reach promotion 79.88% , international is changed in basic every net assets of every accrual and partner of vest in parent company will increase somewhat, international banquet finance affairs is changed in ” gram of advance of government-owned the Qin Dynasty explains to point out on the meeting in outstanding achievement, in addition, as carbon 31 period, the put into production of the new project such as double phenolic A, epoxy resin, profit of raise farming group will promote significantly, also will add further thereby thick in the camp that spends international closes and put in parent net profit 's charge. Gram of advance of the Qin Dynasty discloses, the garden of industry of economy of loop of the harbor that connect the cloud in be being built, it is actually with raise farming group undertakes building for main body. Industrial garden planned carbon 3 industries catenary, polymer additive, the project such as electronic chemical, up to investment already was finished to make an appointment with 5 billion yuan by 2020, start working area achieves 3000 mus. Among them, carbon predicts to bring income after put into production of project of 3 industries catenary 16 billion, year all profit 2 billion yuan. Polymer additive project predicts 2 billion yuan to realize year of income after next year put into production, year all profit 345 million yuan. The one quarterly reports that international just releases is changed in the basis, the company spent vest in to appear on the market first quarter 2021 the net gain of company shareholder 310 million yuan, grow compared to the same period achieve 1779.21% , achieve the odd Ji Xingao since appearing on the market. “2020 year suffer epidemic situation effect, the gain of the company decreases 35% , but improve as the outstanding achievement since 3 quarters, dimensions still is in the income of the company to grow continuously, the market share of chemical industry increased to also offset the impact that partial product value drops, gram of advance of ” the Qin Dynasty points out, international is changed will change the strategy subtly around what be core with chemical new material in future, undertake fluctuating swimming of industrial catenary build continuously, in existing chemical industry new material, agricultural the core such as chemical advocate on the foundation of course of study, farther focusing new material, new energy resources, advance carbon energetically the increment business that the market prospect such as ABS of 3 industries, fragrant black silk ribbon, modified values.

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