On August 23, revive add 2 courtyards to carry out yttrium for patient of terminal liver cancer greatly in a subtle way of interpose of 90 colophony tiny ball starts an operation. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin understands, this is Suzhou first yttrium operation of 90 colophony tiny ball.

Enter tumor place through blood-vessel of fine needle puncture, " of the infuse after the lock decides " target " is small tiny ball " , let its release energy " to shoot kill " cancer cell, avoid the loss of normal to tumor periphery organization at the same time. This kind of core that treats way is one kind is called yttrium the colophony tiny ball of 90, diameter of every tiny ball has 20-60 micron only, there is yttrium above material of this kinds of 90 radioactivity, send tumor cell interior its through hemal intervening method, release high-energy quantityβRay essence kills tumor cell definitely.

Mr Cai this year 56 years old, before 4 months by fish liver cancer, put oneself in another's position of examination result indication tumour is long already to fist size, hold 2/5 of liver left leaf, accompany bolt of portal vein cancer, belong to terminal. Mr Cai appeared to digest haemorrhage symptom again a few days ago, courtyard doctor tells him wrong already handle to art treats an opportunity outside, can treat to immunity through changing cure and target only, control tumor to diffuse as far as possible.

Come revive after adding 2 courtyards greatly, division of hospital intervening division, medicine of courage surgery, nucleus, video group of much discipline expert is the MDT of the composition such as diagnostic division, tumor division instantly Mr Cai undertakes the whole body and tumor condition evaluate, undertake radiography to blood-vessel of tumor and area of normal liver organization examination, right normal liver organization undertakes protection embolism, yttric to imitate the orbit that fluid of inject of 90 colophony tiny ball achieves undertakes prejudge, the preparation before at the same time formulate treats the art such as plan and dosage activity computation works.

On August 23, in dean of hospital of ancient Chinese name for Venus of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua the long-range video of group of Home Dong grand coachs below, revive add 2 courtyards to intervene family group passes puncture arteria femoralis greatly, the seal wire buy that introduces hair silk quality of work enters conduit, in sending its to patient liver tumour to offer hematic artery, infuse is calculated beforehand the yttrium of good dose 90 colophony tiny ball. When the operation predicts to use half hours, save the eye of a needle with small the next in ham root ministry only. Art the shape of a person or thing seen from the back resembles learning an examination to if show,be defeated by the yttrium that note as a result tropism of tiny ball target enters 90 colophony to book focus of a disease, make clear yttrium the action place of 90 colophony tiny ball and action result amount to mark.

Revive add 2 courtyards to intervene division director Jin Yong introduces greatly, the blood that organizes with normal liver is offerred about 90% come from portal vein contrary, about 90% blood offer cancer of the liver come from liver artery. Yttric 90 colophony tiny ball intervenes cure is through hemal intervening method, will carry yttrium the colophony tiny ball of 90 carries hepatic artery, what have accurate treatment to the tumor focus of a disease of liver ministry is small achieve a technology. 90 colophony tiny ball meets yttrium radiative pieceβRay, penetrable in human body organization distance has 2.5 millimeter on average only, can center within tumor, to tumor from inside and outside carry out accurate blow. In the meantime, tiny ball cannot pass blood capillary and vein, the injury that because this is opposite,normal liver organizes is dinky. Treat than radiating outside groovy body, intervening cure of 90 colophony tiny ball has yttrium radiation dosage limits of taller, radiation smaller, action more essence of life allows to wait for an advantage, reduced the loss of normal to human body organization.

Jin Yong introduces, yttric 90 radiative tiny ball cure basically is applied to cannot cancer of cell of cancer of the liver, bile duct reachs the cell of liver of former hair sex that the operation excises move sex liver cancer, special the big liver cancer of the terminal liver cancer that applies to bolt of cancer of amalgamative door arteries and veins and positional limit. Include colophony tiny ball inside technology of 90 tiny balls already was in yttrium cure of global accumulative total exceeds 200 thousand person-time, its security and effectiveness had gotten sufficient test and verify, clinical research data also confirmed its are in the curative effect in liver cell disease and move of knot rectum ill liver.

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