Recently, in Italian south important harbour Dalantuo, joint-stock company of group of energy of wisdom of bright this world finished this area the second hoisting of equipment of maritime wind phone. This is the project of internationalization of a height: Owner is Italian company, hoisting boat belongs to Holand company, hoisting commander in chief is an Englishman, the single stake foundation of maritime fan is installed by Spanish company, what offer financing for the project is French bank, and Ming Yangzhi can supply wind phone equipment. Collaboration of technology, international lets Italy side with increased the clean the sources of energy, target that answers climate change to stride again one pace. Depth of water of project of harbor wind cable reachs Dalantuo 3 meters 18 meters, year average wind speed every second 5.2 meters. Depend on the clear advantage that exceeds solution of low wind speed, ming Yangzhi can be in the strong opponent's bristly Europe wind cable market shows itself. The Italian article of responsible project construction holds electric power in the palm to serve company general manager division to pull all alone to express, tower orchid holds project of harbor wind cable in the palm is Italy project of cable of off shore wind. Collaboration of international of wind report domain is very important, different technique and experience can be united in wedlock rise the result that has achieved. Below the setting that in Europe new coronal epidemic situation spreads quickly, mission of intelligence of bright this world is amounted to surely transfer entire facility on schedule tower orchid holds harbor in the palm. Divide outside supplying equipment, ming Yangzhi can return the carry dimension contract that signed by a definite date 20 years with the client, provide service of thought of completely periodic carry. The general power of 10 typhoons engine that Ming Yang provides is 30 million to cover with tiles, can satisfy the requirement using phone of nearly 20 thousand families. Italy Balili is versed in system of university the sources of energy teachs A Milan to think especially, this project is located in in complex city and industrial district, it is a project of wonderful cable of off shore wind, very advantageous to Dalantuo's development. Assayer of Italian the sources of energy covers with tiles Liyalai also expresses, this project is the one share that Italian wind report plans, conduce to reduce the Italian dependence to traditional the sources of energy, heighten the public understanding to wind energy.

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15-18 December

New York City