Fulfil be used to to make the same score secretary-general carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract series speech spirit nearly to be carried out deep, announce interpose green develops a concept, international the sources of energy changes the dialog saves Suzhou city to hold in Jiangsu at coming 29 days on June 27, 2021. During forum, zhang Chuanwei of president of joint-stock company of group of energy of wisdom of bright this world accepts one belt all the way interview of net of collaboration of the sources of energy, introductory company carries out the program that implements assignment of double carbon goal and layout, and around wind report, (Zhang Chuanwei of president of joint-stock company of intelligent energy group accepts Ming Yangzhi to take all the way interview of net of collaboration of the sources of energy)     takes all the way net of collaboration of the sources of energy: This year is joint-stock company of group of energy of wisdom of bright this world (“ of the following abbreviation ” of intelligence of bright this world) hold water 28 years, before paragraph time Ming Yangzhi can release portion carbon to counteract a report, more highlight a meaning great. In carry out fulfil carbolic Da Feng, carbon to counteract goal assignment, advance respect of transition of green of the sources of energy what to program and position there are? Zhang Chuanwei: On June 1, when 28 years of factories are celebrated, ming Yangzhi can release portion carbon to counteract a report, will face target of “30·60” double carbon to make big proportional but system of supply of second birth energy, 2023 operation of the implementation before the bottom controls limits (limits one, limits 2) carbon is counteracted. The carbon that Ming Yangzhi can announce counteracts blue print cent to be 4 board piece: Clean the sources of energy supplies solution of solution, mild energy demand, standardization to be able to develop processing framework continuously, and change energy government solution subtly. The carbon that Ming Yangzhi can begin to check subordinate and all subsidiary and base 2020 arranges a condition, adjust measures to local conditions makes carbon decrease an action to plan. The carbon that this Ming Yangzhi can release counteracts the action to plan put forward, except use with report in garden area can clean outside changing a domain to send force, more angle of footmark of carbon of complete lifecycle of will thorough product, make green supply chain corresponding standard. One belt all the way net of collaboration of the sources of energy: Carbon counteracts the general orientation that is development, the enterprise such as included wind report, smooth hot season all welcomed new opportunity. In the meantime, the market competes also more will intense, you think, how will we meet these good luck and challenge? Zhang Chuanwei: Look from angle, carbon counteracts this one great declare mix currently for our country henceforth a period, and even 21 centuries middle period should change to climate development of low carbon of the job, green and zoology civilization construction raised taller requirement, planned grandiose blue print, demonstrate direction and method. Below the setting that economy grows in the high speed in continueing to maintain, the transition that will quicken the sources of energy to the acceptance that carbon counteracts and green produce wide application of the technology, through turning kinetic energy the source is produced and system of industry of consumptive revolution, green is founded and town changes low carbon to develop, high level of development of high quality of will efficient stimulative economy and zoology environment protects cooperate with, the “ unhook ” that realizing economic growth and greenhouse gas to discharge stage by stage, benefit of promotion of efficiency of economic society progress is distinct. On the challenge, basically reflect discharge gross for carbon big, carbon counteracts time to tighten. Although relatively develop at great majority affirmatory implementation carbon was counteracted 2050, carbon counteracts evening of target a particular year 10 years, but great majority developed to realize industrialization and city earlier to change, carbon is discharged had amounted to a peak and enter drop passageway, and carbon is discharged still be in growth. Our country amounts to a peak to counteract the time that there are 30 years only between the target to carbon from carbon, more more pressing than the time that develop. Look from company point of view, the relevant policy that decrease a platoon may deliver industry body very quickly to go up, company coke counteracts the task heavy, time is close. The enterprise still will face exterior sex pressure, the requirement of market admittance field such as building of area of garden of the custom duty that be like carbon, 0 carbon, 0 carbon and the pressure that will supply catenary to go up oneself; Besides, the promotion of consumer green consciousness also can bring constant pressure to transition of company low coke. In the meantime, carbon is counteracted will create huge market for relevant enterprise. In industrial level, the new energy industry such as wind report, smooth hot season will turn into in transition of the sources of energy main body the sources of energy, relevant enterprise is sure to form new round of growth. In technical level, transition of power system low carbon, use electrification, hydrogen can, carbon is caught collect and seal up for keeping and the complete decarbonization that biology the sources of energy will come to realize heavy industry domain, the utilization rate that raises crucial material significantly to circular economy transition and reclaim the technology such as rate will receive market demand; Running the level, carbon of the research of energy policy, area is discharged and industry carbon is discharged seek advice, carbon is discharged authority affirms and trade, the enterprise such as tool of carbolic price mechanism, finance and carbolic market construction welcomes development opportunity. (the article accepts one belt to the character during interview of net of collaboration of the sources of energy is arranged and be become all the way according to Mr Zhang Chuanwei. )

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15-18 December

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