Recently, huang Chongqi academician carries Liu Jing of academy of Shanghai cable institute to make the same score assistant dean, Dr. Zhong Weixia to produce base survey. In Long Wu road the Hua Changfu of garden of science and technology of 4600 China friendship adds up to material to shape technology center, yellow academician group looked round colophony research and development and lab of composite material application, lv dawn made the same score total industry to introduce crossbeam of composite material of carbon fiber of wind report lamina to pull the new product research and development such as colophony of crowded project, smooth solidify to make progress.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Base is produced in area of Shanghai chemical industry, president of China prosperous company holds Qian Jianhua of assume personal command of general manager Liu, assistant chief engineer, research and development concurrently Liu Hua of a manager, xu Ye of chief engineer of company of China friendship colophony accompanied yellow academician group to see colophony workshop, adhesive workshop and master control room. Upstair reveals office, liu Zong introduced Hua Chang company development course, produce learn to grind to develop market of characteristic, product application and development program with new product, special introduction already the carbon fiber composite material of batch put into production is high-powered the compound floor, gas station that wins large-scale success to popularize is in the matrix colophony, double carbon that uses development of useless old textile liner of battle oil tank transforms “ beauty the product research and development such as firm system ” and applied circumstance. Subsequently, dr. Qian Jianhua, Dr. Xu Ye introduced Hua Chang in detail / the progress of research and development that composite material of carbon fiber of Hua Yi colophony uses high-powered epoxy resin and equip in new energy resources (wind report lamina, hydric bottle) , traffic of aerospace, orbit, ; Dr. Liu Hua reported colophony of smooth solidify of CIPP of rehabilitate of blame excavate conduit and project to extend a case in detail. Yellow academician adds up to what content produces base to produce to Hua Changju learn to grind breed of colophony of 6 experience, workshops and function and produce can distributing development of future of state, Hua Chang plans to waited to undertake survey in detail, he encourages young researcher to be drawing in order to use requirement again and again, thorough a gleam of, new product of sturdy new technology is developed.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Yellow academician introduced trend of research and development of new product of demand of new application of Shanghai cable institute and of all kinds cable and forward position, wire cable is by analogy the “ blood-vessel ” of national economy and nerve, all in all effect is having in society of electrification, informatization. Make environment of much extremely slashing application now, if those who exceed big bridge to pull extremely all alone, cold environment to wait is cable of transmit electricity of built on stilts, submarine cable, specific,apply setting, it is great challenge to cable and material of form a complete set. Use carbon fiber composite material, reduce performance to the radial of cable, fight Zhang Jiang to spend function, impulse withstand tenacity, anti-corrosive function of heat conduction of fatigue function, insulation raised very tall requirement, and colophony is having crucial effect to carbon fiber composite material. Smooth assistant dean, Dr. Zhong Weixia is aimed at Liu Jing the performance demand to cable material spreads out circumstances of a lot of special type application specification, everybody undertook extensively discussion.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Yellow academician still holds the position of director of reputation of committee of experts of alliance of renewable resources industry, see when him China prosperous company uses batch of useless old textile successfully to produce fine model composite material double carbon is compound floor, artificial when footpath, admire substantially and express to wish to help promotion, was sure China prosperous company implements double carbon strategy, develop the strong move of circular economy; He returns the project such as the smooth solidify colophony of pair of more safe environmental protection to express strong interest. To these projects development and promotion give out the guidance with a lot of very strong specific aim.    China prosperous polymer
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