Recently, the reporter walks into the Heng Tai that is located in cupreous hill classics to open an areaProduce per year project of epoxy resin of sub level of 100 thousand tons of reportBuild the site, the establishment such as area of workshop of multi-purpose building, production, integrated storehouse, canister and sewage disposal already built, One produces per year product line of automation of epoxy resin of sub level of 50 thousand tons of report to already finished installation to debug, be about to enter trial production.

As we have learned, company of data of electron of peaceful of cupreous hill constant is the bibcock business that Chinese solid epoxy resin produces, in recent years quantity of produce and sale occupies front row of course of study of domestic person of the same trade firmly, it is a country company of new and high technology, province only new company of spy of essence of life, implementation is new 3 board hang out one's shingle. Produce per year project of epoxy resin of sub level of 100 thousand tons of report to always invest 380 million yuan, at present accumulative total finishs investment to make an appointment with 195 million yuan. Project (first phase) amount to postpartum, can produce per year epoxy resin of electric sub level 50 thousand tons, realize annual produce 1 billion yuan, taxation 21 million yuan, increase obtain employment staff newly 60 people, the product is sold toward bead trigonometry, long triangle, China area of and other places of medium, China north, export the nation such as Russia, India.

“ in recent years, constant peaceful electron from beginning to end with great concentration develops, realize automation to control with the requirement of high level, modern, whole technological process. Wang Juan of director of office of ” this firm introduces to the reporter, in the severe competition that constant peaceful electron is in market of domestic epoxy resin, the key that still can hold industry front row depends on distinct technical advantage, we have “ the team of research and development of a high quality, built the lab with orgnaization of research and development and complete establishment, completed the project of research and development that multinomial company innovates independently. Nearly two years accumulative total throws amount of cost of research and development to exceed 50 million yuan, hold total of nearly two years of sales revenue 4% above, charge of research and development of predicting this year is controlled 12 million yuan. ”

Face new situation, constant peaceful electron will be dedicated on research and development at developing the new product of high additional cost, the condition making Cheng with existing at the same time improvement in order to reduce cost; The field is developed in the market, continuously spade husbandry, strengthen the construction of market sale network that answers client need quickly further, extend overseas market actively, raise the market to have rate.

Next, constant peaceful electron will continue implement new development concept, increase strength of technical research and development continuously, begin a technology to change, demand of market of limits of patulous product application, synchronous follow-up, carry enlarge of the qualitative increase production that raise an amount to need. In future inside 3 years, strive to become national form only enterprise of ” of small giant of new “ of spy of essence of life, high quality of the our city that help strength develops.

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