Recently, the page of 51 wind electric fan that makes exit United States by our country is collected in Tianjin harbor fill “ of 34 paragraphs of successful mount of dock company Paderuifusiji ” annulus. These wind phone equipment take flow direction “ all the way ” along the line and area of North America and other places. Up to now, tianjin harbor this year already accumulative total finishs lamina of 2231 wind report to export exercise, start historical the corresponding period new tall. In carry on in operation of outlet of wind phone equipment, tianjin harbor is collected filled dock company to accumulate rich work experience, formed the work flow with wind phone unique equipment and craft. This company already accumulative total finishs 26 batch 540 thousand leaf of 1004 wind electric fan exports 10 kinds of model the task. Since this year, put forth effort of Tianjin harbor group catchs good epidemic situation to prevent accuse and aid power company go back to work to amount to produce. Take in the light of “ all the way ” along the line and demand of equipment of phone of wind of North America area are added situation, tianjin harbor group dogs actively and catenary of industry of advanced position of butt joint country, elaborate composition “ is taken all the way ” along the line and sale of market of supply of goods of North America area, science makes technological process, reasonable arrangement produces resource, promote fan leaf exercise quality with method of science and technology, with professional skill promotion serves client level, the compose that help strength builds structure of new development of ” of “ double loop.

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15-18 December

New York City