Ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction upgrades in the round optimize epoxy resin of new generation ability in swimming to manufacture a technology, extend sale channel with all possible means, promote the market competition ability. This year 1 to August, this new development client of epoxy resin of 10 ability in swimming, sales volume grows 41.5% compared to the same period, among them sales volume will achieve the history August new tall. At present produce and sale carries smooth state. Epoxy resin of new generation ability in swimming is the green environmental protection of own research and development new special local product tastes colophony ministry, have excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, tall caking property, and good tension, defy a turn, fight impact strength function, can apply extensively at mortar of ground level ground, cement, insulating material, oil field well cementation, anticorrosive wait for a domain. To enhance stability of latex of epoxy resin of ability in swimming, solve applied problem thoroughly, center of this epoxy resin establishs task group to undertake the technology tackles key problem, make a variety of experiment plan, adjust ceaselessly deserve to compare, choose activator, optimize emulsifying agent close water is lipophilic balance value, last a period of time 3 months, fumble an optimal production recipe, increased capacity of epoxy resin emulsification. In producing a course, technical personnel stares at flow closely, attendant is directive, dominate technology index strictly; Operation personnel strengthens essence of life to refine, standardization operation, the parameter such as temperature of real time adjustment, pressure, for device stable production “ upgrades edition ” eligible product provides safeguard. As we have learned, after product of epoxy resin of new generation ability in swimming upgrades, VOC (volatile organic matter) content and noxiousness are low, store, carry safer, accord with environmental protection requirement, applied range is more wide. This product can add water dilute in using a process, adjust viscosity, do not affect attenuant result, apply man-hour to be cleaned easily; Have to cement base material and fiber base material good osmotic with felt force, can wait with mortar of cement, cement, fiber cooperate to use. This establish what comprise by professional of production, sale, research and development to transform a group, focusing client needs sue for peace to serve a client, compose builds “ man-to-man ”“ to serve situation to much ” , wait for means to collect through visitting client, field service, phone to communicate, the product that identifies different client uses requirement, seasonable feedback information plans production; Fulfil all-around energy accurate technology serves, contented client diversification, individuation and custom-built change requirement, target of year produce and sale cent hires a person, aggrandizement drive, develop group dominant position adequately, new client is developed on the foundation of stable old client.

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