Since this year, device of colophony of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction optimizes craft ceaselessly, improve a technology, unit of adjacent cresol aldehyde is average everyday compared to the same period increase production 5 tons, vapour only waste time reduces 5.6 tons / every tons, percent of pass promotes the product 9.2% , crop of accumulative total of before 10 months exceeds last year annual total output, achieve the history new tall. Intensive cultivation, go after craft actor. All the time since, error of content of firm of unit of adjacent cresol aldehyde is bigger build composition fluid effect to differ, useless get together content is more; Product viscosity is fluctuant, affect percent of pass, need to be built repeatedly makings, increased device specific power consumption; Bath floor-to-floor time grows an influence to manufacture efficiency. Colophony device is with the problem oriented, carry yield bottleneck in the light of device, developed new test method, essence of life controls solid content definitely, device divides fluid effect to be improved apparently, every batches of makings reduce liquid waste to measure 1 reach 2 tons; Essence of life accuses viscosity in control definitely, implementation product viscosity is custom-built turn production, reduce reject to build makings the loss of specific power consumption that cause; Optimize operation of dehydrate of bath working procedure, every batches of working procedure can save 3 hours. Careful calculation and strict budgeting, pursuit runs beautiful. To raise staff initiative further, release with all one's strength produce can, device executes calm dot to join makings system, stipulate daily phenolic aldehyde drops makings time point, ensure daily send makings batch; Increase sheet to approve throw makings amount, make sheet approves crop to raise 0.5 tons, series measure promoted device to run efficiency, stabilized manufacturing rhythm. Excelsior, pursuit benefit is good. Device is in promotion crop while, pay attention to product quality. According to the requirement of client of domain of PCB printing ink, improve colophony product pure degree. In the meantime, colophony device optimizes equipment to move, increase new facility, the product pledges the quantity promotes further, make this colophony product successful enter business of bibcock of industry of PCB printing ink, can increase sales volume every months 60 tons, achieve effect many yuan 100. (the Feng Siyu that be like hero Li Yijun)

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15-18 December

New York City