PF of abbreviation of phenolic aldehyde colophony, it is a kind of big synthetic resin that adds up to content and aldehyde apperception to add up to content classics to condensation polymerization reacts and be made by phenolic apperception, apply among them much is phenol - formaldehyde colophony. Big characteristic of phenolic aldehyde resinous is to have distinctive heat-resisting, anti-radiant, rupture outspread rate tall, raw material is low-cost and the good performance such as the dimension stability of goods. Material of great majority polymer is combustible, fire retardant is joined outside needing the specified number, but phenolic aldehyde colophony is different, its aerobic index is amounted to 70% with, on, build structure of tall carbon bubble quickly in the meeting below exterior and compulsive ignition, constituent material holds afterflame in-housely to burn, and in its combustion process, phenolic aldehyde colophony has the character of little smoke and low poison. Accordingly, phenolic aldehyde colophony applies generally in modern industry production, it is indispensable colophony matrix. Phenolic aldehyde colophony is had admirable physico-chemical function

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15-18 December

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