Epoxy resin is colophony of a kind of important hot solid sex, it is the matrix colophony with the wide application in polymer composite material. Epoxy resin is had stick exceedingly goodly receive function, wear-resisting function, mechanical function, dielectric protecties, chemical steady performance, be able to bear or endure function of high low temperature, and shrinkage is machined lowly, easily shape and cost is low wait for an advantage, in aviation of appearance of glue sticky agent, electron, light industrial, building, mechanical, spaceflight, coating, electron electric insulating material reachs the domain such as advanced composite material to get applied extensively. Because pure epoxy resin has high cross-linking structure, existence is consequently qualitative fragile, fatigue resistance, hear resistance, fight the defect such as concussion tenacity difference, satisfy the requirement of project technology hard, make its application is restricted certainly, because this is right,the modified job of epoxy resin is the popular task that China and foreign countries studies all the time. The flexibilizer that epoxy resin uses can be divided for reactivity and blame reactivity flexibilizer two kinds. Reactivity flexibilizer is to point to contain not saturated key and acyl the polyamide colophony of amine radical. Of liquid shape get together sulfur compound, get together Ren 2 acid anhydride already the action that add pliable but strong also has solidify effect. Making reactivity flexibilizer is to point to common plasticizer, wait like DOP, DBP, TCP, TPP, because the Xiang Rong sex of they and epoxy resin is not quite good, reason dosage is unfavorable and overmuch. Many polymer show brittleness below room temperature, the use value that reduced it greatly consequently, for example polystyrene has good transparency, insulating property, easy processability but need to join balata kind increase tenacity to just have taller combat strong strength. This kind gifts the auxiliary of plastic better tenacity calls flexibilizer, also call fight strong modifier. Personal classics became epoxy resin of characteristic of technology of industry of trend of development of industry of epoxy resin flexibilizer to heat up solid sex colophony importantly, its are applied extensively at a lot of domains, because it owns admirable hear resistance, insulating property,be, stick receive a gender, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, mechanical function and be able to bear or endure chemical sex. However epoxy resin oneself also is put in the function blemish with very much move, muscularity of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of exemple if condensate, qualitative fragile, impact resistance and be able to bear or endure wet sex difference. Epoxy resin is in the applied limits of certain and specific hi-tech domain on different level be restricted by these undesirable character. Accordingly, add modified of pliable but strong at present general-purpose one of heat problems that epoxy resin is epoxy resin research. Current, basically have to the modified adding pliable but strong of epoxy resin the following do 3 kinds of ways add: of pliable but strong? ╝) join balata to the middle of epoxy resin matrix elastomer, thermoplastic colophony or liquid crystal polymer add pliable but strong as dispersive photograph; (B) form the network structure that half each other is worn or each other wears in epoxy resin network, achieve the goal that adds pliable but strong thereby; (C) chemically complex method comes preparation is contained flexible catenary paragraph epoxy resin perhaps is contained flexible catenary paragraph solidify agent comes solidify epoxy resin. Epoxy resin of technical camp high our country adds pliable but strong to consider to start later. The commonly used in the past method that add pliable but strong is the balata elastomer such as balata of fourth nitrile of the carboxyl that use end comes modified epoxy resin. Compare with general flexibilizer, the price of CTBN is costly undoubtedly. CVC is the company that goes up to the home is developed and produce CTBN. Very rare company can be on on the price and product quality compete with CVC. Some companies are OK small lot produces CTBN, but the price is too high. Accordingly, the product of CVC was become relatively actor choice. The market of flexibilizer of epoxy resin of overall dimensions analysis spends market of epoxy resin flexibilizer centrally taller, this basically is caused by scale of production of raw material of upper reaches of epoxy resin flexibilizer and relevant production technology. whole, industry of epoxy resin flexibilizer always sold gauge model to be controlled in 17 thousand tons 2021, year sale 166.72 1 million dollars. In income respect, market of epoxy resin flexibilizer is in 2021 value 166.72 1 million dollars, predict 2028 value 232.21 1 million dollars, arrive from 2022 average 2028 year of increase rate 4.85% . In sales volume respect, epoxy resin flexibilizer achieved about 17469 tons 2021, predict to achieved about 25706 tons 2028, CAGR is 5.92% . Kaneka, solvay, huntsman, olin Corporation, chemical industry of lukewarm city Pure Brightness for the banner supplier inside the industry. 2021, the sales volume of Kaneka is 2567 tons, market share is occupied 14.69% . Epoxy resin flexibilizer can be divided for balata model, thermoplastic and stretch bodily form and other. Among them, balata hold main share. 2021, the sales volume of flexibilizer of balata epoxy resin is 11124 tons, income is 98.37 1 million dollars about, this one part predicted to will reach 128.76 1 million dollars 2028. The application with epoxy resin main flexibilizer is coating, glue sticky agent, electron, composite material, among them the sales volume of coating was occupied 2021 than achieving 34.16% . Catenary of industry of industry of epoxy resin flexibilizer [upriver circumstance] commonly used material has epoxy resin flexibilizer nitrile of butadiene, propylene, double (oxygen of 2- chloric second base) aether of methane, 2 benzene. Butadiene is a kind of simple conjugate 2 Xi, structural formula is C4H6. It is a kind of important industry chemical, use as the monomer in synthetic rubber production. Propylene nitrile is a kind of organic compound, structural formula is CH2CHCN. It is a kind of colorless volatile liquid, although commercial sample is likely,show yellow because of foreign matter. With respect to its element structure character, it by comprise with nitrile connective vinyl. Double (oxygen of 2- chloric second base) methane is colorless liquid, commonly used at producing sulfur alcohol, can serve as the active flexibilizer of epoxy resin. 2 benzene aether is an organic compound, structural formula is O(C6H5)2. This element can produce the typical reaction of other benzene annulus, include hydroxyl to change, nitrify, halogenate, sulphonating. [situation of trade of epoxy resin flexibilizer] industry of epoxy resin flexibilizer is centered relatively. Current, the business that epoxy resin flexibilizer produces on is very much, especially. Staple market participator has chemical industry of Pure Brightness of Kaneka, Solvay, Huntsman, Olin Corporation, lukewarm city, Ba Linghua to promote petrifaction, strange person etc. [downstream trade demand is relatively exuberant] epoxy resin is had stick exceedingly goodly receive the gender, mechanical intensity, character such as insulating property, what apply extensively at electronic material is pouring, enclose, and the respect such as matrix of coating, adhesive, composite material, corrode in aerospace, marine development, prevention and cure especially, the domain such as communication of construction project, electron is having fundamental application. The high demand of epoxy resin also will drive the development of upriver flexibilizer.

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