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Industry and informatization ministry, development is reformed appoint, Department of Transportation of the Ministry of finance, traffic, culture and travel department combination are released " the executive opinion that reachs industrial development about accelerating passenger liner houseboat to equip "

The executive opinion project that the 5 branches such as industry and informatization ministry develop about accelerating equipment of passenger liner houseboat and industry believes a 2022 〕 of couplet reshipment 〔 row city, Xinjiang produces 101 each provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and plan sheet reform of industry of construction large unit and informatization, development, finance, , each concern an unit: Chain length of estate of passenger liner yacht, belt the movement is used big, progress of economy of standard of industry of contemporary to promotion service, stimulative ocean has important sense. In recent years, development of houseboat of our country passenger liner obtains positive result, but compare with advanced photograph, maturity of the equipment industrialization of passenger liner houseboat and brigade tourist boat, market is changed, the respect such as consumptive in a popular style still has difference. According to “ industry of 945 ” shipping, traffic is carried, the program deploy such as tourism, to accelerate passenger liner houseboat equipment and industry grow, offer following opinions now. One, overall demand

(one) guiding ideology. In order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of close smooth new era is guidance, carry out a party in the round 19 mix greatly spirit of plenary meeting of 19 all previous, phase of new development of base oneself upon, complete, accurate, comprehensive implement new development concept, develop as a whole and safe, develop big country of our country shipbuilding and huge market dominant position, it is surveyor's pole in order to accord with international quality requirement, consume development of in a popular style in order to satisfy passenger liner houseboat to be dominant, catenary of estate of yacht of executive passenger liner promotes a project, accelerate form system of industry of equipment of passenger liner houseboat, drive character of domestic travel passenger ship to upgrade, breed perfect industry modes of life and relation to their environment, make development new dominant position, accelerate compose to build an industry to develop new structure. (2) basic principle. Hold to policy to lead, strengthen a top to the layer is designed and plan to guide, perfect code is normative standard system, stand fast safe development bottom line. Insist to abide by the market to direct, arouse vitality of main body of of all kinds market, guide a society each respect is participated in extensively, strengthen industry self-discipline and normative development. Hold to innovation green to develop, strengthen construction of own innovation system, accelerate development of high grade and efficient equipment, promote demonstrative application of technology of energy of cleanness of new energy resources. Insist to open communication collaboration, draw innovation talent and resource, strengthen a variety of formal international cooperation, blend in system of division of labor of industry of passenger liner yacht. (3) develop a target. To 2025, system of industry of equipment of passenger liner houseboat is initial build, homebred and large passenger liner builds consign, medium-sized passenger liner is accelerated advance, small-sized passenger liner realizes batch to build, dimensions of diversity of houseboat range of products turns production, travel passenger ship carries archives to upgrade characteristic changes development. Equipment technology level and supply ability promote considerably, variety quality brand promotes in the round, ocean of can better contented home and bank water travel development and demand of partial international market. Build form a complete set of mainland of passenger liner houseboat and international coordination system, form specializationed form a complete set to supply chain. Code standard system is more sound, public infrastructure is more perfect, form good industry to develop zoology. 2, promotion design builds capacity

(4) push project of homebred and large passenger liner steadily. According to mark of catalogue of project of homebred and large passenger liner, strengthen a project to develop plan and milepost management, strict accuse to build mass, ensure homebred high level high quality builds a large passenger liner on schedule consign. Build project of large passenger liner and job of stress scientific research to coordinate a system, increase general assembly to build supply with form a complete set between in coordination cooperation. Strengthen job of safe production of whole process of passenger liner project in the round, comb the risk hidden danger that exists possibly, fulfil responsibility of body of proprietor of an enterprise, research adopts a technology to be on guard measure, perfect safe operating rules and standard. (5) design of research and development of promotion passenger liner builds capacity. With international mainstream large and medium-sized passenger liner attachs most importance to a dot, give attention to two or morethings is polar passenger liner specialization small-sized passenger liner, increase overall design and general assembly to build crucial technology to tackle key problem, promotion is advanced make and project government ability, make new generation research and development make unifinication cooperate with platform. Enhance passenger liner system compositive with core equipment research and development, break through technology of rescuing key of maritime passenger liner and equipment, accelerate computation of big data, cloud, 5G mobile, artificial intelligence, north fights the technical application research such as navigation, satellite communications and experiment test and verify. Advance passenger liner safety material of the sources of energy of cleanness of fire control, wholesome epidemic prevention, new energy resources, environmental protection, damping falls the technical application such as a confusion of voices studies, raise level of green of passenger liner safety and quality reliability in the round. (6) promote coastal inland river quality of travel passenger ship. With domestic canalage course of high-quality goods of travel passenger transport develops demand to be oriented, develop to swim along landscape of Jiang You, city littoral aptly energetically, natural landscape swims, characteristic culture swims the travel passenger ship that waits for different type. Raise level of shipping safety environmental protection in the round, press demonstrative application of motivation of the sources of energy of cleanness of new energy resources, strengthen industrial design, adopt damping to fall measure of a confusion of voices, increase recreational recreation establishment, promote the exterior and in-house adornment aesthetic standard, enhance comfortable sex and amusement. (7) develop in a popular style to consume houseboat energetically. Attach most importance to a dot in order to satisfy requirement of houseboat public spending, develop energetically medium or small houseboat, encourage the sources of energy of cleanness of development new energy resources new-style houseboat, drive domestic houseboat fractionize to consume market development. Strengthen houseboat research and development to design ability, promotion technology level and create character. Encourage houseboat mainstay business and collaboration of domain of houseboat of college courtyard place to found carrier of high level innovation, strive for major breakthrough achieves on the design of research and development such as houseboat of houseboat of in a popular style, new energy resources. 3, basis of perfect equipment industry

(8) strengthen form a complete set to supply catenary construction. Make full use of ability of equipment complement of domestic existing shipping, strengthen passenger liner houseboat and travel passenger ship general with research and development of equipment of special form a complete set, accelerate the development such as machinery of system of sound of image of in-house adornment, number, informatization and dynamical plant, board, accommodation equipment, guide associated industry to gather to area of key industry garden, exert oneself promotion always wraps ability and integral plan to solve ability. Build the product of form a complete set that accords with international regulation to examine detect the technology such as attestation serves a system. Strengthen an industry linkage and the confluence that cross region, promote an industry downstream company grows in coordination on catenary. (9) advance infrastructure construction. Haven of perfect passenger liner serves a function integratedly, optimize system of perfect market scanty movement, promote development of assemble of element of resource of passenger liner haven, encourage passenger liner haven to develop “ passenger liner + the linkage travel product such as scene area ” , extend passenger liner haven to serve dimensional limits, bank phone is used by the regulation after implementation passenger liner relies on harbor. Strengthen give somebody a new lease on life of landscape of culture of coastal edge river and zoology processing, advance construction of course of high-quality goods of domestic canalage travel, perfect infrastructure of local travel form a complete set and equipment. Encourage key area to strengthen houseboat construction of infrastructure of communal form a complete set, adjust measures to local conditions plans a batch of houseboat public commercial and transportation center, enter the water berth of ramp, moor, onshore dry cabin and facilities of facilities of environmental protection form a complete set. (10) strengthen public news service. Public service digitlizes passenger ship of houseboat of promotion passenger liner, travel informatization level, encourage key area to rely on already system of government affairs information strengthens management of business information data, aggrandizement data is shared and business cooperates with, manage data to the branch is superintended to offer related the government. Encourage lead an industry timely compose builds a gender to serve a network, provide public news service for company of travel company, shipping, tourist, trade for equipment and technology provide market news service, promotion breaks out ability of incident lash-up deliverance.

4, enlarge consumptive market demand

(11) develop passenger liner tourism energetically. Drive 3 inferior harbor of mother of construction international passenger liner, advance passenger liner of and other places of Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou travel develops, make the destination of characteristic of passenger liner travel with a batch of top-ranking international. Encourage begin passenger liner travel to found demonstrative job according to concerned regulation. Abound course of passenger liner travel and product, firm careful advance course of upper reaches of passenger liner sea pilot, research explores line of annulus island You Hang. Promotion carries out passenger liner steamer ticket to run a system, fulfil passenger liner harbor to serve a standard, travel of promotion passenger liner serves an experience. Make base of headquarters of passenger liner company, attract headquarters of area of business of more passenger liner and operation center settle, support enterprise of native land passenger liner to build development. (12) make line of high-quality goods of travel passenger ship. Support is in catchment of foreland, the Yangtse River, on the west the conditional Jiang He such as river drainage area is laky course of high-quality goods of travel of development home canalage, the key advances short for Zhejiang Province of Fujian of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of annulus Bohai Sea, another name for Guangdong Province, another name for Guangdong Province coastal city group, belt of economy of harbor of Hainan free trade, the Yangtse River, Pearl River - on the west culture of river economy belt, the Grant Canal is taken wait for area development of resource of the travel on water, culture of prominent place history, gules inheritance, natural landscape, modern city, countryside is revitalized wait for characteristic, in perfect calm dot to decide base of product of travel of line boats and ships to go up, roll out a theme the number of voyages or flights, custom-built change a service upgrade travel product. (13) promote development of yacht estate innovation. Accelerate Hainan yacht estate to reform construction of division of development innovation test, the industry of yacht of seaside city innovation such as supportive Dalian, Qingdao, power sea, Zhuhai, Xiamen, the North sea grows, the houseboat that construction suits the masses one batch to consume sets an example project, encourage and guide begin activity of match of of all kinds houseboat to wait. Supportive Hainan takes the lead in beginning houseboat to rent pilot, normative houseboat hires operation management, safety of exploration innovation houseboat manages, orderly promotion houseboat shares consumptive pattern. 5, strengthen collaboration and talent education

(14) make professional brand exhibit meeting. Encourage seaside city high level to make internationally, houseboat of sexual passenger liner is exhibited meeting, strengthen major of houseboat of as famous as international passenger liner to exhibit assemble to make, build communication of technology of passenger liner houseboat and cooperative platform. Caique of cup of mayor of contest of cup caique contest, caique of Hainan annulus island, Qingdao surpasses club of contest of caique of supportive Shenzhen cup, Xiamen, the match such as contest of caique of power sea HOBIE develops. Encourage passenger ship of houseboat of relevant association, enterprise and passenger liner of organization of college courtyard institute, travel to design a contest, begin in a popular style of passenger liner houseboat to consume propagandist promotion. (15) promote open communication cooperation. Hold to “ to introduce come the Gao Shuiping that ” and “ walk along ” photograph to be united in wedlock opens to the outside world, deepen shipping industry domain mechanism of collaboration of double multilateral communication, study draws lessons from policy of estate of yacht of advanced passenger liner and code standard, the international communication that encourages place of courtyard of guild of passenger liner houseboat, enterprise, college to develop a variety of forms cooperates. Build favorable investment climate, create vast investment vacuum, equipment of houseboat of research general passenger liner includes about the industry encourage a foreign trader to invest industrial list, attract company of equipment of design of research and development of passenger liner houseboat, professional form a complete set, service to come China investment cooperates. (16) strengthen professional education. Strengthen passenger liner houseboat and design of travel passenger ship to build, service of operation management, travel, law seeks advice wait for team of qualified personnel of entire industry chain to build. Support school of common institution of higher learing, profession to strengthen major of course of passenger liner houseboat to build, begin a variety of form collaboration to run a school with enterprise of passenger liner houseboat, travel company, collective construction talent develops base. Strengthen internationalization of estate of passenger liner yacht, specialization talent education, encourage introduce abroad management and technology senior talented person. 6, strengthen organization and policy safeguard

(seventeen) strengthen advance in coordination as a whole. Rely on office of great technology equipment, build a branch to cooperate with to use working mechanism with endingly couplet, advance development of estate of equipment of passenger liner houseboat as a whole. The branch links dominant position of our region industry and development demand related each district, had done wait for form a complete set of program butt joint with brigade of our region traffic, article, ocean, strengthen an organization to coordinate advance jointly. Produce effect of guild, professional orgnaization adequately, support builds relevant industry alliance, strengthen industry self-discipline and normative development. Build development of estate of passenger liner yacht to evaluate a mechanism, study an analysis in time to the problem of existence, the mature way that forms to each district and successful experience give promotion. (18) perfect policy code standard. Reliable advance foreign nationality (outside the condition) personnel comes China advantage of passenger liner travel is changed and connect close advantage to change, research makes international passenger liner carry a service to evaluate a standard. The organization studies safe managing to perfect houseboat, clear simplify houseboat registration book, set out on a voyage and course examine and approve formalities, perfect houseboat holds card condition of requirement, discrepancy manages and set related operation, perfect houseboat examines system, drive houseboat to begin type to examine, reduce admittance doorsill and cost of houseboat operation administration. Houseboat of perfect passenger liner and standard of technology of travel passenger ship and standard system, strengthen intellectual property protection. (19) increase finance finance support. Produce effect of platform of collaboration yield be in harmony, encourage orgnaization of of all kinds finance to increase the essence of life that develops to passenger liner houseboat to allow to support. Encourage product of banking of financial orgnaization innovation, annex of estate of yacht of supportive passenger liner recombines and international is produced can cooperate, the credit insurance product that exploration faces houseboat to consume. Encourage social capital to build estate of passenger liner yacht to develop fund, financing of houseboat of stimulative passenger liner rents business development, the enterprise of passenger liner houseboat that support accords with a condition issues enterprise bond, appear on the market financing. Fulfil a stage (set) mechanism of compensation of insurance of great technology equipment, key support is large and medium-sized passenger liner industry grows.

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