Recently, , print and distribute of the State Council " standardization develops outline " (next weighing “ " compendium " ” ) . On October 19, news of the State Council does held executive standardization compendium, stimulative high quality to develop a press conference. On the meeting, the reporter raises a question: 945 ” of “ period, also place industrial development in economic society more prominent place, around " compendium " in the “ promotion industry that offer standardizes horizontal ” , develop a respect what to consideration there is in stimulative industry and informatization high quality excuse me? To this, industry and Liu Duo of director of department of informatization ministry science and technology express, " compendium " put forward, standardization should drive promotion of integrated competition ability more effectively, high quality of stimulative economy society develops, development of industrial high quality is among them serious content. Industry and informatization ministry height take standardization seriously to work, buckle production powerful nation, network powerful nation closely to build need, what develop the standard as stimulative industry high quality from beginning to end is important prop up and ensure. During 935 ” of “ , industry and informatization domain issue 9000 multinomial occupation standard in all, choose level of 421 advanced groups to use demonstrative project, with international the person of the same trade made mobile of the Five Dynasties jointly (5G) wait for standard of a batch of international, the supply quality of complete occupation standard and level promote ceaselessly. Liu Duo expresses, next, industry letter ministry will be carried out seriously fulfil " compendium " requirement, drive industry and informatization standard development to measure compasses model by number energetically to quality benefit change, satisfy the need that high quality admits. Labour believes a ministry to reinforce the focal point 4 fields work: It is the standard that promotes an industry standardization energetically. " compendium " put forward to want to carry out standardization to help a series of special moves such as project of firm catenary of force key industry. We will closely the development direction around the industry, catenary of focusing key industry supplies chain, the technical standard development of aggrandizement key link, crucial domain, crucial product and application, build durable industry to expand a base, advance an industry to optimize upgrade. 2 it is aggrandizement standard prop up to what industrial green develops. " compendium " put forward to want to carry out carbolic Da Feng, carbon to counteract standardization to promote a project. We will strengthen construction of system of standard of low carbon of industrial domain green further, accelerate advance chemical industry of steely, building materials, petrifaction, nonferrous metal to wait for key industry carbon Da Feng carbon counteracts relative standard to develop, build the base that low carbon of durable industry green expands further. 3 it is to will take an active part in international to standardize an activity. " compendium " put forward to carry out standard internationalization to jump litre of project. We will continue to begin industry and level of country of informatization domain international to compare bisect analyse, raise the consistency rate of our country standard and international standard, standard of international of implementation key domain is changed rate more than 90% ; Strengthen the standardization communication that travels together with international further, the technical program of positive contribution and practice experience, drive compose to build in coordination the industrial modes of life and relation to their environment of win-win of development, mutual benefit. 4 be will deepen standardization to reform innovation continuously. " compendium " the binary structure that puts forward to want to optimize a government to promulgate standard and market to establish a standard independently, want to develop organization standard energetically especially. We will drive occupation standard to be mixed to the key further the foundation is current kind of standard change, to promote high quality development establishs the standard with better more. Use demonstrative project through implementing organization standard, the market that promotes an organization the standard ceaselessly is approbated degree, increase the available supply of group level.

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