On September 1, 2021, in the harbor that connect the cloud answer even numerous lamina of report of large and maritime wind is in a 100 rice class windward report lamina produces sea of Lian Yun harbor base gets offline successfully. In the backside of lamina of this 100 meters of class, having a such predominant project groups, they come from respectively in answer even ministry of technology of ministry of ministry of numerous lamina sale, research and development, lamina and lamina 5 minutes of factories, the design that many comrade devotes oneself to blade from beginning to end for years, make, the job such as production and quality management, assumed the job of research and development of the lamina of report of large and maritime wind of the 84 rice, 90 many model such as rice early or late, outstanding contribution was made in respect of progress of blade design, production technology. The first ten days of a month received demand of client S102 project in June 2021, the requirement finishs those who raise blade to get offline by August consign, and blade design has not finalized the design at that time. This means a demand in answer even numerous the progress that designs according to blade inside the time of 2 many months, begin system of workmanship development, data to choose at the same time, the installation of the mould is debugged, the design of tool of form a complete set is made wait for preparative work, finish the production of blade, hand in detect the center develops test of full measure static power. Each job synchronism is begun, the laid of Bo fine cloth that the meeting in making a process to blade encounters, muscle board is assembled reach installation fixed position, lamina to add up to a model to stick receive, carry inside blade hoisting and factory wait for difficulty, made sufficient evaluation and solution make. Do away with camp, advance brand-new this lamina of   of material application   is medium answer a blade of 100 meters of class that produces even all living creatures, girder uses “ carbon fiber to shape beforehand + workmanship of vacuum perfusion ” , the property that promotes carbon fiber composite material greatly and sexual price are compared, stiffness of lamina of give attention to two or morethings while weigh to exceed large lamina to decrease, fell to provide strong safeguard originally. However new material and new technology arrive from research and development application is not so easy, to in answer connect numerous for the lamina that formal application grows at 102m or a challenge, any accident can cause huge pecuniary loss. In answer head even Huang Huixiu of numerous assistant chief engineer the group, establish material technology group quickly. Finish inside a month evaluate from raw material function, produce a course shape craft, the function test and verify to material of finished product carbon fiber and examine into the factory index, and carbon fiber raw material shapes in blade the test and verify of manufacturing technology program in the process. During, through discuss for many times with supplier of raw material of client, carbon fiber and carrying out test and verify, the each judge standard that formed tripartite to be approbated jointly eventually and evaluate a method, the successful application that is brand-new carbon fiber material offerred a technology to assure. In the meantime, by the technology group that Qiao Xiaoliang of manager of blade technology department leads, try to find out the real intention through each test and verify, and of a variety of plan for many times craft perfusion experiments, understood this second brand-new carbon fiber material shapes in blade perfusion the technical properties in the process, this was offerred for the successful production of S102 lamina good germinant. Tamp foundation, the each job advance side by side- do two or more things at once that perfect craft is versed in   of furnish plan   is developed in the project while, the information of the blade design data that the client provides identifies, change and be being carried out also is the job with a very big workload, in answer the integrality that needs even ministry of numerous research and development and blade technology department pair of design information, consistency and executable sex item-by-item check, affirm, the content that listed need clarifies and confirms in all eventually more than 100, the file changes 300 much pages, this to in answer connect numerous a crucial job is for the design that can present a client faultlessly and the production that finish a lamina smoothly, for project group follow-up blade creates the job begin had laid solid foundation. Same, the tool design that exceeds large lamina and making also is a formidable task: Much, design makes tool amount the big, cycle that make grows difficulty, but leave design and production time very short. The work in the same placing of group of S102 project tool design the design that tool began after information and production preparation work in the preliminary lamina that gets a client to offer, eventually the consign that in the client formal edition designs 10 days of inland add after the file is delivered to finish tool of each working procedure, matched the manufacturing plan of each working procedure faultlessly, satisfied the use requirement in producing a course. Get offline smoothly to ensure blade and detect through each, a series of new technology, new method was implemented in this lamina production process, solved the difficult problem that lamina of 100 meters of class creates. As home early be engaged in million one of development of lamina of fan of made of baked clay class, design, production, industries that detect and serve, in answer even numerous have the group of research and development with domestic more powerful actual strength, large-scale lamina to produce the blade series product with base and all ready norms. The base that this blade produces covers an area of a face to accumulate 382 mus, the workshop is 318 meters long, cross 36 meters, can satisfy mould of blade main body, muscle board mould and girder at the same time the requirement that prefab place needs a space, the use that is a component and have a change of luck brought huge advantage sex. It is difficult to greet and go up, reveal hard nucleus   of   of engineering capability faces so big challenge, in answer established even many time the project to develop a group to reach each special cent group of technical assault fortified positions. In inadequacy inside 3 months time, finished a mould design of development of installation, workmanship, tool and make, raise blade production to wait for the job, a lamina achieves inside 45 days get offline time limit after finishing the mould that agrees according to both sides to carry a plant ahead of schedule asks. Face 102m to grow exceed large-scale blade production, in answer the pressure that produces even all living creatures a gleam of also is tremendous. On one hand they need to optimize post setting and exercise union to assure to manufacture efficiency, on the other hand they still need to overcome exceed large lamina chord the difficulty that diameter of pitch circle of root of long, leaf gives manufacturing operation to bring greatly; Meanwhile, in answer 5 minutes of factories produce even numerous blade the job relatively onerous, manufacturing staff is more nervous, in ensure S102 project is produced smoothly while, still need to make sure the lamina of factory convention project is produced, personnel attempers the respect faces very big challenge. Although difficulty is heavy, but the comrades of 5 minutes of factories do not have blade shrink back, by blade Yuan Xiuzhi of controller of 5 minutes of factories heads a group, established an elite manufacturing team and group, organize arrangement, excelsior work meticulously, protect the cycle that pledges the ground that maintain a volume finished bosseyed housing lay up 24 hours eventually, this is follow-up lamina to be able to yield in established time node created a condition. This second S102 project gives birth to like-minded assume leadership by Liuwei of company vise general manager, project group in 26 main members, party member 17, enjoy degree special and subsidiary personnel 2, senior engineer and above 5, engineer 5, the team and group of lay up of a gleam of that is in charge of production among them early or late by building materials group, answer material, medium answer even numerous grant 2020 year “ title of advanced and collective ” . Be the team of a such strenuous promising, with the mind that dare make tough fight and excellent professional ability, made sure S102 project raises blade successful consign. Those who raise lamina of 100 meters of class get offline to make connect everybody wind interest more sail is full, in also be answer even numerous vivid footnote was put on in the journey that develops in high quality.

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