On October 17, 2021 - 20 days, congress of wind energy of 2021 Beijing international and exhibition (CWP 2021) in Beijing new nation is exhibited hold ceremoniously. Regard year of wind cable industry as one of big grand meeting, this makes a speech by more than 100 honored guest and the wind energy grand meeting that thousands of domestic and international ginseng meets a representing be participated in jointly, land Beijing again. Among them, in the harbor that connect the cloud answer even Huanghui of manager of department of research and development of limited company of group of numerous composite material, assistant chief engineer beautiful attend the meeting and make a speech. It is speech full text below: Huang Huixiu: The title that I make a speech today calls report of wind of large low wind speed the development of blade, tell blade today, because one setting is different, the blade development that is it so also should be different, perhaps say to have something of a lot of proprietary. In introducing first, answer couplet numerous headquarters is in the harbor that connect the cloud, enter the industry of wind report lamina from 2005, worked ten years, next this year will be September, we got offline 102 meters carbon fiber lamina, had completed this test at present, , enter the phase of small lot, we are in this each district is to have a plant, it is press close to at bear center, stick field of close Yu Feng. This is the small wind field that should tell today, this is illuminated from the spot, particularly beautiful. But the mountain range that its problem is rows of mountains of hill of the layer austral middle east, wind is resourceful, 68% what occupy, but bring a lot of challenges to blade, one is to have a mosquito, the mosquito adds leading edge to may make it is quickened. It is rainwater additionally, especially the rain of these places of southern, Guangdong is particularly much, this also is the challenge to our lamina. Below the big setting that is the same as valence in wind fire, having a doorsill is cost, statistic looks from the data, grabbed last year when installing, every kilowatt is many 4200 money, before paragraph time arrives many 1800 money, and the critical point that this is an industry, the critical point that is gain is 2000, saying so is a lot of people, a lot of companies must think method can reduce the cost of south of this middle east. That is to say this report below me, that is to say is aimed at at this is falling to still have originally is lengthen lamina still had the adaptability to place of low wind speed to do a few proprietary etc an introduction of a few technologies. That is to say is this material, we should make this lamina is lengthen lamina, do not promote this more cost again, so we have a very important kind, dig namely at present the function of fibre glass. It is to use the method of vacuum perfusion to make before fibre glass, but its this is function or the performance that did not help crowded Bo towing tie tall. Pull crowded Bo fine to promote high weight very quickly to compare, this is common thread 2.2, high standard A is 2.55, in height does not promote while weightening finish is measured, its figuration technology is different, its this industry method is different, be this appearance. Draw this Bo fine first crowded, pull crowded board through helping crowded technology, this plank is it from the manufactory that place is hit roll, reach our plant next inside undertake putting coiling, put a that is to say to coil this opened, next this cut, this coils is sheet burnish, two end undertake burnish this brae of this appearance, this board that is to say is the application on spot market board it is different ply, some 5 millimeter, some 8 millimeter, it is different, grasp to this oneself one one or two that is craft, it is additionally in this picture hoisting mould of whole undertakes that is to say after this sheet joining together integral perfusion, after drawing of patterns of that is to say of this piece of picture blade advocate a state that Liusuo shows, more beautiful still. This basically is from girder respect, develop to large lamina now, a lot of moment it is a steel spend a question, steel spends a problem to want to solve the problem of girder first, with pull crowded building materials to offer. The 2nd is in capacity, increase or while blade grows, can have a very big challenge to Xie Gen, this Xie Gen that was before is likely intensity is insufficient, say to be in at present so home, in home a few entire airports still have field of a few lamina we are doing same business, it is the Xie Gen that develops high strength, this is to use the technology that buries beforehand, answer couplet is numerous in before a few years obtained DNV, DNV attestation certificate, be about the component, make onshore it is 90 meters of lamina, onshore 90 can use lesser Xie Gen to 100 meters of lamina, it is for example 3 meters 2. Additional to core material, we are entrances previously, cling to Sa or PVC, it is an affectionate couple and come, cost is higher, and occasionally meeting get stuck caused a lot of problems, scale of application of material of state-owned now core rises quickly, especially this PET still has PVC these. But use these new material to need us to have more a few research, not be to say it is OK to be put directly, next we pass these some computation, passing this is galley proof test, detail drawing test still has this is total performance test, after passing test and verify, ability puts it quite. In this that is to say, through doing this work, that is to say brings a on a few cost, a few pressure on cost. Additionally that is to say is produce a field to this, want to promote production efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, reduce this investment that is fixed assets, so we also are a few configuration that adopted innovation on the design, e.g. supply of goods this, want supply of goods to stick received thing to serve as a whole originally, this is one-time finish this job, do not need independence, sole job. Another a few that is to say are prefab like Xie Gen, had done it ahead of schedule, integral condole goes in, in order to reduce manufacturing time. It is blemish additionally, the production of wind report lamina relies on handiwork entirely, this is very bad to hold really this thing, it is not to resemble mechanism, if be to say to have this kind of CNC, the thing that do is not very unified, the person does a thing to rely on the mood, the mood sees the Qianduobuduo that leads very possibly, be this appearance. So, have a lot of namely this is size blemish, but we should go to this blemish identify, want to maintain, saying normally at present, the basis discusses this of everybody, this standard that implement compares a foreigner actually stricter, why stricter, it has a bit actually is us insufficient still to the understanding of blemish enough, the talent with the horizontal smaller pilot that is a blemish only ensures this security, be this appearance, it is the lamina that when we have, production comes out so, repair repeatedly, but when repairing, repair actually also may compile a result of the opposite, possible meeting causes more destruction is such. Wind report lamina produced ten years, the standard that in these ten years we define basically has quality personnel and supply personnel place to define. But this is new standard now, IEC61400-5 still has it is fiducial that next new high bid can ask the personnel of our research and development will define this, the definition is tolerancepublic errand this, analyse the effect of tolerancepublic errand. Should appear the gap with this big perhaps digging pit, this is core material, gap is big this now, so the standard before us is to be less than 3 millimeter, achieved 10 millimeter now, go after all or be no good, the staff that needs our research and development does this business. Undertake an analysis to his actual effect mode first, do a test next, galley proof checks, do for example static carry, do exhaustion, that is to say feels he can bear the load of how many, when then we are being designed, take it. E.g. us this is blemish the clearance of 10 millimeter can bear the transport power of 100 million handkerchief, then this is the safety factor of 1.5, reach this blemish area inside this design, appeared later so the clearance of a 10 millimeter need not be maintained, need not maintain production very successful, it is overall on one hand, it is a risk accuse, the efficiency of the 2nd production rose, be such, so this is a very special and important thing. Fall namely next a confusion of voices, the teacher in front says is, this wind energy conversion system that is middle east south should stand by this dweller more, be in this place, a plan sought on the net, this is blade, when blade is working, its causing is residential area, what we need is 40 decibel, it is in this between, need has 500 meters interval, because this air can let its noise gradually reduce such, to controlling noise so we want to begin from the place of blade namely. It is from blade the respect is told so, control noise has the method of two respects. A that is to say is the ply that controls this supply of goods, the ply of supply of goods is met from it considers when designing, control of that is to say is controlled in 3 millimeter. It is noise on the other hand, consider couple on the other hand, integrated result is 3 millimeter left and right sides probably. The 2nd falls namely a confusion of voices is toothed, fall a confusion of voices is toothed now is a special popular a solution, but fall in this a confusion of voices is toothed inside, that is to say each fall a confusion of voices is toothed and likely its a few effects are different, the likelihood falls 1, the likelihood falls 2 etc, say to matter to its effect so. There is below, that is to say is speed per hour, the problem of speed per hour, be in this before actually, we installed a few fan in middle east south, it is this speed per hour, of speed per hour medicinal powder the dot changes way from this brae area, change. The wind resource ministry that the reason that analyses it next basically is more complex landform is stable, its this is hill, either resemble north so Campagna, the direction of that wind is smooth, this is. This rate that the 2nd is blade leading edge is high, because have a mosquito. Still get next the influence of hill wind and Gu Feng, basically be in the autumn, autumnal clear sky 10 thousand lis, mix in the evening namely next diurnal temperature is different, the air current inside the valley has convective appearance, can create a few speed per hour namely next, a few program that speed per hour settles, stick VGs namely, stick VGs to this for, before sticking VGs, this is very normal flow, laminar flow of that is to say, air current is to be added in this surface, it is flow. Next again this place stall, air current of that is to say enters this above, generate very large steady flow, the pneumatic efficiency that says it so drops, raw power drops, pneumatic efficiency drops, restore its laminar flow, this pneumatic function that lets it is rising. So, have so a few plan will be opposite this a few special seat numbers, that is to say undertakes one is adjusted. My a few friends with the person of the same trade are joking, this VGs treats a disease unhealthily, the health care that do not have disease a such things, still have this thunderstorm next, thunderstorm special to blade risk, depend on us, be in this place, it is red that Guangdong saves this, that is to say its thunderstorm weather, year thunderstorm weather can achieve 70 above is such next northward that is to say is very few, so explode in so tall thunder if weather falls, then our that is to say should strengthen our research that defends thunder. So if preventing thunder, there are a lot of a few links inside it, it is the join between each terminal for example, included its join intensity, mechanical intensity still has had such a few strength of electric current. Additionally still that is to say is this whole prevent thunder so an effect, it is amount of this installation position, installation for example etc, still have insulating properties, the insulating properties of thunder system is to need those who lean to have Gao Ke so a requirement. At present I understand, the blade field that be in everybody is thunder system development, bought thunder system passed the test of IEC61400, satisfy these to test a requirement, this reduced a lot of risks. That is to say is after with when, in this place we can see Guangdong this year rainfall has achieved 1700 millimeter, that is to say is this rainfall particularly big, this is northward, beijing may be 500 the left and right sides, this rain can produce what result, lamina of that is to say rotates in high-speed, probably is, if be,90 meters are controlled, should be to amount to the 200 speed per hour that still are 300 kilometers, this is percussive this energy is particularly big, below so high energy, the leading edge of blade is very easy by batter. This piece of picture is with a few effects when, this skin that is leading edge by batter, its solution has main solution, that is to say is advanced predestined relationship, blade leading edge is done a few, this is to make a few coating, paint of that is to say is done to it thick, this is raindrop hits drawing this energy is this appearance. Additional, or that is to say has different means make it a carapace is considerate above, this is beforehand of figuration, this also is a few models, namely this is current solution, in order to prolong the life of this leading edge. Good, thank everybody. The where that Ba Samu puts? (arrange according to speech shorthand, without speechmaker examine and verify)

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