On March 18, material science and technology issues 2020 year report in. Inside report period, the company realizes business income 18.71 billion yuan, grow 37.68% compared to the same period; Implementation puts in parent net 's charge 2.052 billion yuan, grow 48.70% compared to the same period. Among them, sale of wind report lamina achieves 12.3GW, achieve sales revenue 9.02 billion yuan, implementation net profit 1 billion yuan; Fibre glass and its product sale achieve 1.06 million tons, realize business income to make an appointment with 6.94 billion yuan, net profit 1.15 billion yuan; Wet and diaphragmatic sale is made an appointment with 420 million smooth rice, achieve sales revenue 610 million yuan. Side of wind cable business, the company participates in the international that make IEC61400-5 lamina standard is released; Complete the design development of big lamina of many 80 meters of level independently, those who realize strategic guest householder to want requirement of fan platform lamina is complete enclothe; The country of own research and development is big maritime Sinoma85.6 of lamina of complete Bo fine is promoted in Fujian change a bay to finish hoisting smoothly, the mark is worn the quantity produces big lamina of maritime low cost to obtain major breakthrough; The key advances high-powered Bo fine to pull girder of application of crowded girder industrialization, carbon fiber to prevent technology of imitate of lay up of thunder technology, 3D to wait for banner technical research and development project. Side of Bo fine business, the company advances high end to produce steadily can build. Line of F07 of new developed area of full Qia of father-in-law Bo fine produces per year fine of 90 thousand tons of high-powered Bo and F08 line to produce per year product line of fine of Bo of 40 thousand tons of alkali resistance to part to will ignite in July at was being mixed in May 2020, so far 8 product line that new old kinetic energy changes full Qia new developed area build go into operation entirely, as ability in swimming new material, answer material and wet the project such as felt builds in succession, factory of full Qia new developed area creates the fibre glass intelligence that makes a competition ability manufacturing base; Cold repair of line of ZF01 of firm of city of the Zou that start transforms the job, construction produces per year 60 thousand tons to draw filar product line without kiln of pool of spun yarn of alkaline fibre glass, implementation spun yarn is produced can enlarge is allowed (increase about 46 thousand tons) . Lithium battery is diaphragmatic business side, 7μm is wet and diaphragmatic take the lead in realizing capacity output to sell inside the industry; Finish base material of ultrathin and diaphragmatic, high strenth, tall Kong Di to breathe freely diaphragmatic, be able to bear or endure oxidisability is diaphragmatic development; 5μm-3C of abroad high end diaphragmatic, versatility mixes Fu of besmear of diaphragmatic, pottery and porcelain besmear Fu is diaphragmatic, multilayer besmear Fu is diaphragmatic wait for a product to achieve a sale.

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