Strong beautiful 100 kinds, the city of the hero that millions of people reveres; The car in red, the industrial engine of equipment powerful nation. On March 28 morning, in ceremony of start working of project of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources is in the car the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 100 kinds of city 100 east new developed area is difficult 100 industries garden is held. In car general manager (president) Lou Qiliang, vice-president Yu Weiping, huang Rusheng of secretary of 100 kinds of municipal Party committee attends start working ceremony. Ge Guoke of 100 kinds of mayors chairs start working ceremony. Before start working ceremony, lou Qiliang and Huang Rusheng had have an informal discussion, both sides was watched 100 color, medium the car is publicized piece, listened to the introduction that each enterprise develops a case since 100 kinds 2021, and in car the introduction of circumstance of progress of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources, medium car side helps 100 kinds of countryside that help strength up to revitalize, base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources builds the car in be being advanced further, widen the content such as outspread collaboration domain had development communication. Lou Qiliang expresses, in car settle of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources 100 kinds, since both sides writtens guarantee 20 years the testimony that supports deep friendly feelings to the side, also be strategy of development of ” of double carbon of “ of travel of bilateral carry out, countryside revitalize the strategy reflect. He points out, equipment of car new energy resources has relatively complete industry catenary in, carried on Gao Tie's digitlization, intelligence is changed wait for a technology, dominant position of the resource with 100 kinds, policy, industry is complementary. The car wishs to be discussed jointly with 100 kinds in how to strive for, as a whole, use good resource, advance a project to build, join forces makes the base of a high end, industry of equipment of new energy resources that can last, explore new cooperative thinking actively, widen outspread collaboration domain. The bend affection side that Huangru gives birth to the car in be opposite 20 years to be like one day is helped up thanks, the representing that the car in affirming regards high end as equipment manufacturing industry is accomplished in what obtain on own innovation, with in car collaboration is very right choice. He expresses, 100 kinds fulfil ground of one hundred percent the content of cooperative framework agreement that both sides signs, the government administration that becomes good project construction with all one's strength serves, the intensive that strengthens scene resource is used, optimize configuration, unified attemper, accelerate perfect industry form a complete set, hope to be on the foundation of original and good cooperation, with in the car explores new cooperation to agree with a dot jointly, implementation cooperates double win. Start working ceremonially, in Li Donglin of secretary of continent institute Party committee, president sends car individual plant greeting demit, in Li Jing of committee member of Party committee of holding company of wide nucleus new energy, vise general manager makes a speech on behalf of the client. In Huang Rusheng of secretary of 100 kinds of car vice-president Yu Weiping, municipal Party committee publishs an address. Yu Weiping expresses in the speech, come 20 years, the car is helped continuously in help 100 kinds of Jing Xi, that slope up two areas, left deep love reason with 100 kinds of knots. In new period, the car carries out development the great and decision-making deploy that fulfils party, the State Council to revitalize the strategy about countryside in, the car in construction of high level, efficient, high rate base of 100 kinds of new energy resources, make base of industry of equipment of onshore wind phone with all one's strength. In car general and each partner make green low carbon develop operation community hand in hand together, politics is shown to take on in strategy of ” of double carbon of “ of carry out travel, industrial position and social responsibility. Huang Rusheng expresses in the speech, 100 kinds according to the municipality dozenth second party generation can ask, the 5th times around city party generation is met the strategic goal of establish, sufficient play resource, area with policy advantage, do all one can drives economic society high quality to develop. In car the start working of project of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources, the mark wears 100 kinds to build an area eastwards the equipment of new energy resources of alliance made base step solid one pace, will long-term to 100 kinds development produces major effect, produce far-reaching effect. Start working ceremonially, building the car in Qi Liangxuan cloth project of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources is formal start working. Accompanying enthusiastic applause and gun salute sound, attend leader and honored guest to brandish shovel, the car in be together earth up of base of industry of equipment of 100 kinds of new energy resources lays a foundation. In car strategy program and Zhao Mingde of investment center director, the industry grows Chen Mingjun of department general manager, company of place of individual plant continent, Dalian, medium the car is cast newly, the company controller such as times new material, china can, report is cast, China report, big the Tang Dynasty, Hua Run group, medium nuclear group, medium the enterprise delegate such as wide nucleus, 100 kinds of city concern party card of area of branch, county continuously main leader and chief of project construction unit attended start working ceremony.

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15-18 December

New York City