To this year in July, doctor of guest of 10 thousand house is in in ministry of career of report of continent place wind makes car individual plant unit research and development already exceeded 11 year, contrail of this paragraph of life is half lifecycle of a type almost. “ the meaning of type of a fund is to send more green electric power not just, still depend on the inheritance of knowledge and technology. ” also accordingly, he and aircrew formed the concern of ” of Laotie of a kind of “ . The car in respecting, people nature can think of Gao Tie. Guest of 10 thousand house says, regard center of technology of ministry of career of report of wind of place of individual plant continent as the director, his lucky depend on all the time the technical viewpoint of value of group of the car in benefit from benefit from. From which car group arrives place of individual plant continent, arrive again ministry of wind report career, think wind cable industry is worth long-term deep ploughing sturdily. Wind cable industry gets policy the effect is apparent, target of ” of “ double carbon brings long-term hope and hope to entire industry. In in the car looks, measure a thing or an industry to whether should hold to, the key sees it have value, below the scene that fossil the sources of energy cannot last, wind report, smooth hot season but second birth the sources of energy becomes main body the sources of energy is hasten of general trends place, concern complete mankind destiny, its value is beyond question. Important is understand and hold a trend. Guest of 10 thousand house is mentioned, the place with wind cable interesting project depends on, occupy what the aircrew of 50% investment decided the project to invest entirely greatly only eventually value. Tell from this meaning, the product that offers demand of market of cable of contented par wind and solution are effective, fall at all this method. The profundity that is based on pair of technology trends understands and hold, regard systematic solution as the provider, in ministry of career of report of continent place wind holds to car individual plant all the time the product research and development with active height and scientific product array layout, and the pursuit of advanced to crucial technology index sex, to more value is created downstream on the industry. However, restrict as a result of what wind energy changes academic limit, together with material and fundamental course lack revolutionary progress, and unit motion component is much, and be in different district setting again, the technology falls this difficulty is greater and greater, this is why in continent place devotes oneself to car individual plant because of,science of wind report data is moved with what intelligence changes. “ wind report is the superexcellent application setting that data science and intelligence change. Explanation of guest of 10 thousand house says ” , wind cable project is macroscopical the complexity that reachs microcosmic feature and diversity, facilities of group of wind electric machinery is as located as its strong coupling of the environment, also changed a technology to provide superexcellent applied setting and space of vast put to good use for data science and intelligence, relevant technology can get good hatch in wind report domain, endow with can catenary of wind cable industry can last progress and development. The strategy with “ this more close together need supplies catenary deepness to cooperate with, this kind cooperates with of the catenary of industry of cable of zephyr of basis of orbit transportation industry with the abundant car in profit from prop up. 10 thousand Yu Binjiang attune say ” . Actually, car industry group enclothed overall, subsystem and fundamental parts of an apparatus in many administrative levels, drive for a long time overall cooperate with with the deepness that supplies chain. Here the mechanism falls, the relation of system and component was surmounted the applied interface of the meaning and type selecting are normally compositive, mutual between no longer the parameter with bureau fixed border, affirmatory be confined to and index, arrive deep however design phase, all possibility, variable and flexibility are discussed adequately and dig, the norm that must observe is as custom-built as what allow agile processing change a design to be distinguished to treat, the cost with the system forms the component to be opened adequately. Carry this kind of kind, overall the product is limited program no longer than choosing, approach the global actor on real significance ceaselessly however. The value that deepness cooperates with still reflects the technology in “1+1>2” to innovate. Citing of guest of 10 thousand house says, in the transplanting of health management technique that the car is orbit traffic domain carrier with transducer arrives in product of wind cable converter, the transmission catenary trait that achieved to be based on signal of high frequency report is online differentiate, below the status that raises cost scarcely, the real time that realized groovy CMS product to be offerred hard monitors protective function. Guest of 10 thousand house discloses, continent place is in car individual plant in of facilities of group of electric machinery of active position wind brand-new applying concept and technology of form a complete set, new applied idea will regard unit equipment whole bad news material, examine lifetime in the round the life of the equipment below different operating mode is used up, n yields reach corresponding value to change efficiency, change efficiency with complete lifetime value to optimize a target, the applied mode of redefine unit equipment, realize cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS thereby span type is reduced. Allude technical concept, guest of 10 thousand house says, design and create the unit of on the safe side, not negative project and client are a kind of halo. Once a type is a bad assets, that is a kind of disgrace. Such honour or disgrace is watched, the high-quality goods that also promoted aircrew design engineer designs consciousness. Guest of 10 thousand house asks he does the work of good a connecting link between the preceding and the following, be born arrives on new product, not only want embedded advanced technique, still answer from now on before the applied knowledge with the new mining in the moving contrail of type, so that can be opposite,research and development of new fund type provides a help. Memory of guest of 10 thousand house says, “ is digested from what the technology introduces first and absorb, design set to proper motion research and development, we built our intellectual management platform, a main function accumulates design criterion namely, this also becomes the homework that every engineer does surely, come from run the knowledge with lab test and verify and discovery at aircrew metropolis accumulative total arrives knowledge base, unite evaluation by technical committee, the design standard that should follow in order to decide what knowledge, information and data form what. ”All previous classics 15 years accumulate and develop, at present in car individual plant the intellectual platform of ministry of career of report of continent place wind already by overall the design expands include dimension of carry of electric field of crucial component, wind inside entire industry catenary, complete lifecycle, become the basis that leads industry product innovation. A good model steps allowed rhythm, and the big market that catchs a prosperity, the outstanding achievement that brings surprise making a person also is very natural business. In car individual plant continent place WT2500D146 is a such type. This type was pushed in October 2018 to the market, to 2020 income of accumulative total of the end of the year exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight ” of the “ that be called type. A model is excellent decided by two conditions, one is the taller efficiency that catch wind, another is dependability, security of good gene accede effectively. Be based on IPD to design a concept, WT2500D146 type satisfied these two requirements better. “ but in par times, the demand mixing a platoon of the region market that faces poor dissimilation and specific field location, even if is excellent model also cannot singles was fought alone. Then, we had product of platform of product of platform of the 3.x of area of low wind speed in facing, 4.x and the 5.x that face area of high wind speed, 6.x, comply with the market, success will come when conditions are ripe. 10 thousand eaves of ” guest is happy is, this year first half of the year, 3.x platform product won pretty good outstanding achievement. But he also reminds research and development to design a group, “ falls in the trend of product diversification, fast iteration, should insist to design the consistency of criterion more, such ability with changeless should 10 thousand change. ”Guest of 10 thousand house thinks, in wind n price competitive environment falls, the technology highlights his even more this true appearance, it is the mature sex of technical itself and applicability, the 2 economy that are technology mix and but durative. No matter “ is choice of course of product program, technology, still be technical innovation dot is affirmatory, need to have clear technical logic and axiology card, this is medium system of car research and development is consistent importunate guiding ideology, also be current the key that gains a success in wind cable industry with future. ”Guest of 10 thousand house realizes soberly, below the circumstance that the fundamental course that depends on in wind report place did not see materiality is broken through, whole technological process is multidimensional degree of external demand that falling to extract effect originally is development of instantly wind report and inevitable choice. attribute of built-in technology, wind report goes very painstakingly actually, more complex system is formed, almost more athletic components, impossible that modular energy captures unit (wind rotor) , type of whole industry advance gradually develops, namely one pace ground climbs slope, little ground goes discovering, go digging, go realizing the knowledge that can bring progress for the industry and technology to optimize. This is suffering of “ of susceptive of person of all wind energy its heart annals, fatigue ” of its bones and muscles, also be the “ weather that they assume falls to hold the post of ” greatly.

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