On March 7, in boat project is compositive branch of Xi'an of equipment limited company (” of company of Xi'an of “ of the following abbreviation) the ceremony that uncover a shop sign is in center of Ou Jiahe of tower of Xi'an wild goose to hold, fang Jinyong of light of president king world, general manager uncovers a shop sign for Xi'an company jointly, indicating its are formal enable.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
General manager Fang Jinyong to branch chief lofty hill awards project of the boat in “ board of ” of branch of Xi'an of compositive equipment limited company, accredit is in charge of Xi'an company supervising the work daily.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The shirt-sleeve development of the formal completion of Xi'an company and answer material place to building company northwest piece center of area strategy development, market extends a center to have important sense, will hold to “ aviation to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland from beginning to end of ” of aviation powerful nation first heart and mission, make high-quality goods project, do all one can is northwest piece progress of area aviation career plans grandiose blue print. Xi'an company will advantage of northwest area resource and local partner marriage, client of farther press close to, business of stimulative northwest area serves the promotion of ability, receive northwest area to expand new opportunity in the round.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

In boat project is compositive project of the boat in of equipment limited company is compositive equipment limited company (project of equipment of abbreviation aviation industry) plan to design research total courtyard for aviation limited company (aviation industry plans) wholy-owned subsidiary, it is unit of member of company of aviation industry group, only then built 1951, predecessor is ministry of the 3rd machinery equipment of academy of the 4th design designs place. All the time since, the company is sturdy from beginning to end “ aviation dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland the heart at the beginning of ” , bearing the weight of the research and development that “ aviation ground supports special device, make, sale and mission of ” of relevant project service and dream, with the technology innovation is dominant, with army taste a technology to rely on, extend project of composite material, heat energy, nicety to cast hard, the business such as finishing, service limits basically involves the trade such as report of report of hair of aviation, boat, spaceflight, air force, naval, enginery, civil aviaton, college, Gao Tie, coloured, nucleus, car, wind, have offer to the client nonstandard equipment seeks advice, research and development, design, make, operation, safeguard wait for equipment assembly capacity and project assembly capacity. Rely on technology of equipment research and development to accumulate, the company begins the research of new technology of industry forward position continuously, experiment in the aviation such as stage of aviation engine test-drive, wind tunnel, lifesaving, intensity outfit of product line of boiler of equipment and large vacuum furnace, heat treatment furnace, autoclave, hydraulic pressure, answer material, besmear, nicety is cast wait for industry to be not mark equipment respect to be in domestic lead position from beginning to end, fill home is multinomial and blank. The company is chaired and participate in write multinomial reach occupation standard, have more than 70, have the honor to win the award such as award of progress of award of award of progress of 10 old science and technology, special grade of progress of science and technology, technology for many times, in sphere of the device that be not mark the “ team ” that is be worthy of the name. In September 2018, aviation industry plans to set dynamical project to design company of academy put under to execute unified managing, perfected the layout of entire industry catenary of the company further, the professional orgnaization that also makes the company becomes engine of our country aviation and project of gas turbine domain to seek advice from design and construction. The company will specialization through starting “ business, the technical internationalization, development situation that serves unifinication ” , make hard offer value of money talent domain to have the equipment project of international competition ability and power compositive business, reach great “ dream ” to make new contribution to realize ” of dream of “ aviation powerful nation. Dynamical project designs an academy to regard a company as important and hypostatic unit, it is the project with engine of our country aviation and gas turbine only field advisory design and construction major orgnaization. Light the industry with dynamical project solid field to accumulate by right of boat, form the completely professional group that has concept of core technology, innovation, elaborate service, have a program, seek advice, design, project, intelligence produces the total value catenary with compositive line to serve ability. Scope of business covers experiment of aviation engine and basic research of gas turbine product, design, production to make, the engineering field such as maintenance, and spaceflight, advanced measure lab, composite material and advanced metal stuff to make, the domain such as civil industry, civil building. What the core business of ministry of enterprise of aviation equipment project is aviation engine and gas turbine is overall test-drive stage, component experiments implement, research and development, design reachs the equipment is not mark such as motor assembly line to always contract. Service limits involves hair of aviation, boat, light again, empty navy and civil aviaton are repaired, the domain such as ship vessel, college and place of scientific research courtyard. Have the professional configuration of all ready and platform of experiment test and verify, have high end to seek advice, design of design of project management, technology, the structure that be not mark, measure control test of development of design, software and pneumatic, noise and emulation calculative capacity, the technical solution that can offer major for the user and blame mark are compositive equipment. Ministry of enterprise of Electromechanical equipment project is large fluid imitate, environment imitate kind the major of test equipment develops an unit, it is with client demand oriented, with professional technology innovation is basis, hold to specialization serve and change administrative concept subtly, have seek advice, development of design, equipment, operation is safeguarded wait for total value catenary to serve ability, for client power of test promotion is offerred one-stop comprehensive solution. Scope of business covers equipment of imitate of equipment of imitate of experiment of of all kinds wind tunnel, headroom, complex environment, pneumatic establishment of acoustics environment imitate, large pressure matchs the large blame such as tracheal net mark experiment establishment, basically face the domain such as the war industry such as transportation of aviation, spaceflight, ground, shipping, building, bridge, atmosphere and national economy. Nearly 70 carry deep technology to accumulate, carry on many step are major the development of experiment establishment works, win award of progress of science and technology for many times, of the industry that help strength fly. Institute of project of heat energy equipment devotes oneself to metallic function heat treatment to be not the total value catenary of mark equipment to serve. Electric stove of combination of heat treatment of vacuum of furnace of dissolve of solid of burner of burner of temper by dipping in water of type of bottom of aluminium alloy roller, vertical temper by dipping in water, large box type, vertical, high spirit board belt gush of protection of product line of anneal of effectiveness for a given period of time, nitrogen is blown heat furnace of type of anneal product line, large well group reach oil, take the lead in reaching the international level such as AMS2750F, BAC5621K in course of study of domestic person of the same trade. Aim to be offerred for the user it is core with heat treatment equipment, arrive from proceed with of heat treatment craft implementation eventually the integral solution of the product; With intelligence production technology is rely on, aid push transition of factory of Xiang Zhihui of factory of conventional heat treatment. Project institute has composite material equipment to offer catenary of total value of composite material industry to serve ability to the client, include a project to suggest book, craft seeks advice, construction of work out of report of project approving, feasibility, initial design, geological reconnaissance, engineering pursues evaluation of design, environment, safe evaluation, equipment always contracts, the project always contracts etc; Equipment includes furnace of boiler of autoclave, impregnating autoclave, hydraulic pressure, baric boiler, solidify, RTM to shape the research and development of the product such as equipment and compositive etc, design of technology of workshop of assembly of program of product line of automation of intelligent plant design, composite material, composite material, equipment always contracts reach a project to always contract etc, client group involves report of report of division of cable of hair of aviation, spaceflight, boat, business hair, enginery, shipping, electron, building materials, railroad, car, nucleus, wind to wait for many industries. Intelligence makes project institute create 2025 demands in answer to intelligence, ahead of schedule intelligence of aviation of layout new generation makes equipment research and development, rely on company technology to accumulate, control of combinative equipment automation, collect charges the professional dominant position of system and respect of software research and development, the company established intelligence to create project institute. In digitlization workshop management, product line other people of compositive, intelligence flows storage, flexible domain of compositive application of manipulator and AGV increases investment of research and development, casting of essence of life full automatic the product line that make case and besmear outfit product line make technical element be united in wedlock cheek by jowl through intelligence, progressively to hi-tech content way of high additional cost develops, acquired aviation and blame boat field multinomial and typical project, achieved bigger breakthrough. Those who accompany typical mechanical and electrical products is ceaseless deepen with extend, the company is in at the same time produce a line program of compositive, workshop, content shedding program, data is collected reach flexible and unit control system, made the domain such as executive system carry on ministry of multinomial industry letter and bureau of work of national defence family priority discipline, obtained multinomial soft reach, accumulated many core technology.

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