On August 30, 2023, in answer god eagle and Jiangsu Fa Ersheng are signed " strategic cooperation agreement " , carbon fiber of bilateral put up with spreads out deepness collaboration in the application of bridge cable domain. In Chen Qiufei of Liu Fang of general manager of answer god eagle, vise general manager, jiangsu law Er gets the better of auspicious of general manager Zhao Jun, vise general manager to wait for relevant functionary to attend an autograph to arrange a ceremony grandly. Communication is made an appointment with to be able to go up in the autograph, both sides had detailed introduction with respect to company condition respectively, undertook communication discussion in the application of bridge cable with respect to carbon fiber. Jiangsu law Er is gotten the better of is home enterprise of research and development of banner large bridge cable and production of road bridge material, answer god eagle will be based on oneself to produce in can dimensions, technology and product advantage, for Jiangsu Fa Ersheng offers more competitive product. Sign strategic cooperation agreement this, be bilateral and comprehensive collaboration is good and germinant. Future, both sides will produce respective resource advantage adequately, deepen communication collaboration continuously, enlarge the respective product application in domain of domestic bridge cable and development further, domain of the building that help strength achieves innovation progress.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City