On September 1, 2021, in answer even numerous lamina of report of large and maritime wind is in a 100 rice class success of base of production of lamina of Lian Yun harbor yields. This lamina is 102 meters long, use carbon fiber girder, Xie Gen prefab with tailing edge complementary bridge is prefab wait for technology of confluence of face of complete new Territories, shortened effectively blade production is periodic, raised quality reliability. In answer even numerous it is home early be engaged in million one of development of lamina of fan of made of baked clay class, design, production, industries that detect and serve, have the lamina with the group of research and development with domestic more powerful actual strength, larger scale to produce the blade series product with base and all ready norms. Come more than 10 years, in answer even numerous extend cooperative limits, domain and pattern ceaselessly with electric wind report, the cooperation that built long-term stability concerns, the S102 lamina of this second production is the another significant gain that bilateral collaboration fetchs. During, bilateral personnel good faith cooperates, elaborate organization, multinomial job advance side by side- do two or more things at once, overcame time close, task is heavy wait for difficulty, protected the qualitative ground that maintain a volume to finish established working job, those who ensured S102 raises blade is successful get offline. Electricenergy production of annual of set of only station of this blade profile can satisfy 50 thousand families one year to use phone, be equivalent to reducing 50 thousand tons of carbon dioxide every year to discharge, to realize our country “ Da Feng of development of 945 ” new energy resources, carbon, carbon counteracted a target to offer strong prop up. According to the plan, s102 lamina consign in answer even numerous detect the center begins blade after natural frequency, static force, exhaustion is mixed, static force checks. The test of research and development of this lamina will advance our country big lamina, big sign to cover with tiles the industrialization of aircrew applies.

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15-18 December

New York City