Recently, by in academy of lathe work course of study takes the lead those who establish is medium the car shapes science and technology (Qingdao) limited company is formal demonstrative division of estate of transportation of orbit of be born Qingdao. This company plans to always invest 200 million yuan, butt joint of group of the car in will not serve as is domestic and international the exclusive platform of composite material advanced technique. After be born demonstrative area, the company will draw lessons from the domain such as report of aviation, wind adequately to use the successful experience of the respect in carbon fiber composite material, absorb through digesting, own innovation, around requirement of cost of domain of orbit traffic technology, benefit, quality, develop light-duty material especially move of research of technology of carbon fiber composite material, technology and industrial hatch. Future, the company will face terminal market demand, focusing is high-powered the achievement of typical research and development with low cost, develop type of low cost project in try to apply with small lot, drive light qualitative new profile to expect the deepness on orbit transportation equipment applies, develop the relevant industry field such as Xiang Hang day, car technical move and industrial hatch.

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15-18 December

New York City