Various elements make the sea windward electric industry makes one of trades with rapid growth, although market trends shows this industry,have certain uncertainty. While traditional player pursues vigorous growth strategy, new entrant is preparing to weigh model trade situation. Great ambition of climate of each country of benefit from benefit from reachs environmental protection goal, together with has competitive cost and tremendous market potential, industry of maritime wind cable is growing flourishingly. Maritime wind report has higher capacity coefficient as (Load Factor) but technology of second birth energy, big limit ground decreases to store to electric power or can complement the gender can attemper the demand of the sources of energy. Common cause branch is in all the time with include oil and natural gas company inside new competitor is contended for sharp edge, hope can be bigger after crisis of new coronal epidemic situation the investment that strength promotes maritime wind report. Great ambition of each country climate and development target   from 2015 U.N. climate changes since congress, most government already started strategy of transition of the sources of energy, adopted a variety of decarbonization methods. From the point of historical data, at present maritime wind report develops an activity to happen in area of European the North sea mostly, also be set of maritime wind report the development cause that has great ambition quite. But so far, american development plans not to have ambition completely, progress of maritime wind report is slow. The target of the European Union is the maritime wind phone that installs 230GW~450GW to 2050 installed capacity, announce to want to install the maritime wind phone of 175GW inside contemporaneity. But the target of United States of the corresponding period has 85GW only. Although plan of development of maritime wind report has not be on route chart of transition of the sources of energy clarity appears, but maritime wind report can be helped accelerate coal fired to generate electricity the rate that eliminate, improve air quality thereby and ensure the sources of energy is safe. Cost of competitive economics —— drops the rapid   fall as cost, the economy of maritime wind report is being improved stage by stage, compare with fossil fuel photograph not only have competition ability, with include smooth hot season (PV) with onshore wind report inside other but photograph of technology of second birth energy is compared, maritime wind report has competition ability likewise. As day of group of wind electric machinery large change development, the big stand-alone capacity that already installed at present achieved 12MW, weisidasi already announced to produce the fan of 15MW, the capacity coefficient of maritime wind report also has reached the new record of more than 60% , make maritime wind-force generates electricity thereby the technology has cost competition ability more in future. Arrange of international the sources of energy (IEA) forecast, to 2040, the smooth accurate cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS converting phone of maritime wind energy (LCOE) will drop quickly, differ according to situation, but from 150 euro / MWh left and right sides falls to euro of 25 euro ~45 / MWh. Appear as what do not have invite public bidding of allowance wind report, trend of this kind of price fall, the change that will bring a key (see a picture 1) . Although   of tremendous latent capacity of resources of maritime wind energy is maritime wind report appeared to grow significantly in a few years of in the past (basically mix in Europe) , but year of electricenergy production of maritime wind report (made an appointment with 68GWh 2018, occupy about 0.3% ) with total installed capacity (28GW is made an appointment with by 2018, about 0.4% ) the opposite portion of the respect is very small still. And the technology of maritime wind energy inside limits can develop latent capacity to exceed 25000 GW. The United States can develop latent capacity to exceed 10000 GW in the technology of coastal waters and high seas area, have technique of old maritime wind energy to be able to develop latent capacity. Be in next in 20 years, installed capacity predicts maritime wind report to restrain growth every year 25GW, opposite technology can develop latent capacity and character, this one word is very finite still. Suffer the effect of craze of new coronal epidemic situation, maritime wind energy shows powerful comfortable stress good tenacity, predict to 2021 Europe and United States did not come 10 years the defray that the year capital expenditure of maritime wind report will catch up with maritime oil gas. Although maritime wind report has inviting growth perspective,trends of market of maritime wind cable brings new pressure   for the industry, but also brought complexity and challenge in 4 respects: 1, area characteristic each different, the strategy is skimble-scamble also the influence that the development of report of   maritime wind is differred by element of each district market, each country also adopted different method to promote accordingly but the growth of second birth the sources of energy: Energy security. This is to make an European Union develop a of maritime wind report to basically prompt a factor, but the United States does not care energy security, although the United States has large of great capacity,go up accordingly wind energy resource, progress of report of American maritime wind is very slow however. European Union each country has firm commitment and clear ambition, made include ” of “ green agreement (Green Deal) inside structural sex supports policy, be anabiosised by next generation European Unions plan (Next Generation EU Recovery Plan) strong thrust is moved. The engineering capability of wind- driven generation set. The European Union already built powerful fan engineering capability, already was in deploy of the North sea banner ability. But be in the United States, maritime wind report remains a rising market, end 2020 first half of the year, the United States has electric field of a maritime wind only, installed capacity has trifling 30MW only. 2020 second half of the year, the United States installed two 6MW maritime fan to make electric field of the 2nd maritime wind in CVOW project. Although have skill of tremendous maritime wind report to be able to develop latent capacity, also have the main essential factor such as basic supportive mechanism, but the far unfulfilment of catenary of full-scale development value of report of American maritime wind, still need structured support. In, beneficial of merit of maritime wind report manages at concentration, proper infrastructure, potential giant fan engineering capability and content shed ability, this is meant developing maritime wind report, the course of the contract is short, receive governmental support, also accept without the public degree wait for a problem. Flexibility of electrified wire netting and superintendency problem. These domains also may increase additional complexity, need increases a few integrated capacity, for example technology of join of electrified wire netting, bid mechanism of flow and contract, assessment and the supportive mechanism to join cost. Although certain had finished integrated ability, for instance European electrified wire netting had undertaken conformity well, can provide additional capacity for conformity of maritime wind report. But of the United States each are big electrified wire netting eachs does things in his own way, the ability that handles many intermittence electric power is very limited. electrified wire netting already very mature, also can go to the lavatory to undertake conformity to maritime wind report. In addition, large store water store can also can go up with the sea wind report is perfect union. 2, scale is larger, dimensions of wind electric field produced   of more complex also   to jump tremendously 2020 change, compare a few years with the past, scale of large 2020 machine of outfit of onefold wind electric field increased one times (see a picture 2, increase 1.2GW from 600MW) . In addition, with other technology mix (Hybridization) likewise crucial to economy and environmental feasibility. For instance new invite public bidding begins to appear maritime wind energy and green hydrogen can (electroanalysis) union. For example, in July 2020, housing card and Eneco won new invite public bidding, will found by the green hydrogen of wind report drive can hub. In technical respect, float the solution can release form more advantages. Float type wind report can release potential of greater technology of resource of maritime wind energy (technology of maritime wind cable can develop latent capacity 72% in deep-sea) , can obtain better wind besides, obtain taller capacity coefficient thereby. In addition, float style of great capacity is windward ionization coasting is farther, common people is accepted it is easier to rise, with other and maritime activity (be like fishing, cabotage and maritime and recreational activity) conflict is smaller also. But, float windward report also has style of great capacity a few big challenges, include to live the early days cost that does not issue high, and longer project is periodic, the infrastructure that installation fan place needs and more full-scale test and prototype demonstrate time (include to answer change paddle, counteractive soup condition and the complexity that handle sea cable) additional, float style of great capacity is windward the design of the solution still is in report inchoate phase. The competition of ceaseless aggravate, and the sea of strategic action   of crucial participator becomes more and more crowded on catenary of windward report value, new player is increasing. Precede in order to maintain in the growth rate with traditional player radical pursuit position while, more driving new entrant expects heavy model sea is windward electric pattern. Each district is increasing 2020 decided with industry, enterprise its are clean 0 targets, this pair of oil and impact of natural gas trade are huge, begin from Equinor, to support respective industry clean the 0 implementation that discharge a target, the proposal of report of a few maritime wind that a few old oil and business of natural gas operation also begin to be rolled out a few years with respect to the past undertakes communication (see a picture 3) .   of _20210422090747.png of small letter picture develops a field in the project, business of traditional oil gas service and EPC participate in the maritime capacity that Founder is using his to abound to begin Xiang Hai windward report diversity develops (see a picture 4) . On the tradition, the cent that oil gas EPC just regards maritime and specific project as the activity includes business, participate in project of maritime wind energy rarely, for example, they offer the installation of foundation of small-sized wind electric field only. But now, these EPC also participate in catenary of value of maritime wind report in, undertake locating afresh to industrial catenary, can offer bigger more complex project serves —— the subcontracting from large wind electric field, arrive to provide an engineering for specific project, purchase, the service that build and installs, face about is EPCI part. In the future, the part of an EPC participator may evolve for total pay whole wind electric field, so called make the key (Turnkey) project. At present till, put in such precedent in the Asia only. Potential supply the potential that catenary bottleneck   produces maritime wind electricity adequately, resemble outspread value catenary same, may bring the bottleneck that fan production and content shed. The problem is, wind report does aircraft manufacturer (OEMs) capable to enlarge the demand that production expands ceaselessly with satisfying. In a few years of in the past, overall windward report acts manufacturer of great capacity machine year add installed capacity newly to be less than 5GW, but to 2030, demand reachs growth annual 20 to 30GW (see a picture 5) . This and current overall the engineering capability of business and financial standing still have certain difference. In the meantime, the content of maritime wind report of constant growth spreads demand (like coastal waters shipping, carry and install a boat to wait) , may cause the breach of relevant ship, cause ship hire price thereby rise. Does if where,development of new maritime wind report win out in the contest? What say above no less than, maritime wind report may be certain zone those who achieve large-scale growth is powerful await the person that choose. But, a series of the insecurity that market trends reacts bade is worth catenary to exist concerns, produced a likelihood to affect an item the potential bottleneck of overall result. The success is gained in wanting to develop a competition in new maritime wind report, need adopts the method of system and cooperation. First, choose warlike field   to want to win a battle, important or urgent business is the field location that has expensive strategy value to your target certainly, still include to grow combination of target, investment to wait. Still need to consider the impact of pair of this locality elements, for example and mechanism of process of net technology, invite public bidding and contract, assessment, support mechanism and operation time and code, pass for example " town planning law " accredit can build the group of wind electric machinery that exceeds 12MW to wait. Bidder still needs to master each mixing of the area contract process, include to estimate all sorts of premise conditions and poor dissimilation element high nevertheless, just can win contest award so. The competition of maritime wind report is undoubted more and more intense. For example, in honest electric field of wind of the gram that engrave Er bids in the process, of before the rank 5 bidder bid notch very adjacent, the difference that sends bid price is not big also: Bid price is 44 euro in / MWh, of someone else bid the price also uprights to be mixed at 47.5 euro 51 euro / between MWh. Simplify   of mode of consign of wind electric field wants to construct bigger, more complex wind electric field, the “ that needs to cast off a tradition advocate project of fall forward ” develops a method, because this is planted,traditional method makes a lot of be in isolated condition interactively. Use devise optimized method in coordination, can reduce cost significantly, push quickly to the market. Tell associate other industry (for example car, aerospace, national defence and electronic industry) the experience lesson of derive, maritime industry can release enormous value. Although conventional petroleum and natural gas industry also accomplish this in effort all the time, but each characteristics that maritime wind report has successful place to need, the flexibility that includes powerful standardization latent capacity and seed profit design (because maritime wind report does not suffer so much old standard is restricted) . Create brand-new pay kind to still need to adopt new business model and new working way. Join alliance of a strategy, business, overall to operation it is double business and EPC manufacturer win, can handle the issue below: · improves the economy of the project: Seek together solve cost problem, assume total cost to reduce cost thereby jointly, this has fasten the reduces cost for the target with the price method at the tradition. · shortens periodic time: The method is to pass the · implementation of process     that carries out quote file deliver and flow of invite public bidding quickly to cooperate with: Make detailed solution through cooperating with contractor ahead of schedule, develop technical synergism with contractor. In the environment that ability may be restricted, joined strategic alliance to still be offerred ensure the opportunity of material and service, ensured the supplier has certain income at the same time. Oil and natural gas player (include operation business and EPC) the maritime experience that also can use its to abound. Include to use existing capital fund afresh, enhance employee technical ability, contented cross business newly to combine demand to wait, can serve the multipurpose ship at oil gas platform and electric field of wind- driven hair at the same time for example, also include talent management likewise, be in what resource has between oil gas project and project of maritime wind cable to share. The real potential that realizes business of operation of outstanding operation   to need is evaluated and dig wind electric field. The pressure that reduces cost is greater and greater, and make new standard without allowance invite public bidding, accordingly, remarkable operation ability increases profit to old rate land crucial. Must consider more factor (for example machine down time of trends of cost of income, spare parts, market, code, aircrew, weather forecast and carry dimension cost) will optimize income and profit, this among them, intelligence turns operation indispensable. Pass advanced analysis, forecast cost and income accurately, it is thereby decision-making provide a basis and optimize gain ability. Forecast a gender to safeguard a technology, can be maintained in breakdown and proper balance is acquired between prevention cost, reduce total outlay thereby, raise usability and dependability. Digital twin technology, can input with physics through will be being operated (check information and physical characteristic for example) with advanced emulate (fatigue analysis, examination plans and forecast a gender to safeguard for example) be united in wedlock, prolong the service life of asset thereby. In addition, digital twin technology is used in project phase, can optimize a design and reduce material and installation cost. Compress after financial value   , operation business needs to use a kind of integrated method to optimize value of its finance affairs. Value pool. Answer in demand side, store can batteries and dispersive type generate electricity below the drive that waits for an element, purchase, the bounds between commerce and production becomes more and more ambiguous. Each shares of industrial catenary go new value poll in emerge in large numbers. The flexibility of contract and physics can satisfy both sides of supply and demand and balance electrified wire netting (for example capacity contract, fictitious memory and produce of period authority and develop) , drive investment to combination is optimized and offer growth opportunity thereby. Moving model needs to undertake adjustment, press the position, Xiaohe in order to allow big negative charge and can accuse bear to be opposite electric power asset (for example but second birth the sources of energy, store can circulate with combination light gas to generate electricity) undertake be controlled integratedly and be usinged up. Do decision-making. As but the growth of second birth the sources of energy, power market becomes more and more get weather drive, the demand to flexibility also more and more to more short-term progress. Accordingly, decision-making speed and quality to ensuring electric power asset is mixed between the user match smoothly crucial, undertake attemper and attempering afresh to asset and user for example, what can avoid cost is lopsided seize market opportunity, increase frequency to manage evenly but the unpredictability that second birth the sources of energy generates electricity. For support high quality is mixed efficient decision-making, information system infrastructure and data management are undermentioned to coming true the target is crucial: Real time is amalgamative mass data. The data analysis with powerful development is optimized with undertaking (have estimation of accurate signal, degree of confidence and visible analytic model) . Define the balance between result precision and computational speed. Ensure between independent information system and function without seam alternant. Define many function model and a complete compositive model (for example electric field of group of individual wind electric machinery, wind and / area class invests combination) the balance between. Stimulative interior and outside data are exchanged. Go to lis big to think for   of of ready-made of competition of maritime wind cable, quick action (Think Big And Act Fast) the large wind electric field that   construction exceeds 1GW, achieve dimensions economy thereby, it is future the new standard that cost of maritime wind electric field competes. All players are developing forth. For unapt in competition fogyism, each players must locate quickly and define all sorts of scopes. Specific begin from where, depend on the player's maturity. Anyhow, it is very important to learn a curve quickly. To new entrant, this may mean need to begin from minor role or lesser limits, transfer quickly next bigger, more complex part. Choose good partner, strengthen synergic   to want to win victory, need and strategic alliance try hard together, strengthen the cooperation of entire industry catenary. This conduces to ensure the construction of delivery capacity, the production that is like fan, installation, develop all sorts of mastery of a skill or technique with an outstanding industry, include maritime wind report relevant technology and knowledge, accelerate innovation to wait at the same time. Of culture respect suit and synergic frame is likewise crucial to succeeding.

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