On August 26, 2023, hui Zhoucheng amounts to 600 thousand tons / year sulfur resource uses a project integratedly to lay a foundation and head condole ceremony is in building site of project of garden of industry of benefit city new material is held ceremoniously. 100 benefit grand control president Mr Huang Shaokang, 100 interest grand accuse a senior vice president to hold financial chief inspector Mr Yang Yuanlong, 100 benefit concurrently grand accuse reach delegate of each unit of chemical career department, each ginseng to build an unit the representing attend.

Expect by Da Xincai of Cheng of benefit state city gentleman of Culture Revolution of general manager of limited company of science and technology makes a speech above all, report project builds taking level sex positive result, right 100 benefit grand the right leader of holding company and firm support express to be thanked heartily. The contracted spirit that he asks project ginseng builds unit and Cheng to amount to project group to develop straight-out, be as good as one's word, heavy Nuo, carry out adequately to go, the objective is firm, solidarity, high quality finishs a project to build successful go into operation, contend for the project project that starts cooperative win-win good example.

17 when 16 minutes, as the subscription that removes condole to make, the first tower of the project implement (annulus of unit of annulus oxygen chloric propane changes a tower) by slowly trice, a string of 1 since, litre hook, arm, adjust perch of direction, component a series of movement get sth done without any letup, 17 when 36 minutes, pillar essence permits take one's place, cheng amounts to project head to a string of 1 consummation!

Ceremony of project head condole is indicating Cheng amounts to project project to build construction to turn into equipment to install level in the round by earth. This is a ceremony not only, more arouse congress, member of ensemble of incentive project group and each ginseng build an unit sturdy belief, unitive cooperation, strenuous promising, safeguard project as scheduled, safe, high grade building put into production.

Cheng of benefit state city amounts to limited company of new material science and technology is 100 benefit grand accuse a group subordinate to control share company, held water in July 2021. Garden of industry of new material of city of benefit of city of state of Yuhui of this project optional location, cheng amounts to new material to plan to introduce the engineering technology of advanced maturity, the project includes 500 thousand tons / year wet chemical plant, 63 thousand tons / year unit of annulus oxygen chloric propane, 189 thousand tons / year unit of potassium sulfate production.

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