On September 22, inc. of material of grand prosperous electron and wholy-owned subsidiary Zhuhai limited company of data of grand prosperous electron expected with benefit Bai Xincai recently science and technology (Shanghai) Inc. is signed " book of the epoxy resin intent that order " .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
For square (grand prosperous electron / Zhuhai grand prosperous) for professional electron class epoxy resin produces a business, to manage development need, at area of economy of harbor of Zhuhai city high hurdles investment builds “ 2 period produce per year liquid state epoxy resin 140 thousand tons of ” project (“ of the following abbreviation 2 period project ” ) , “ 3 period produce per year sex of function of form of 80 thousand tons of electrons project of epoxy resin ” (“ of the following abbreviation 3 period. Above builds a project to predict to was produced in succession 2024, offer yield of square epoxy resin at the appointed time will by now 155 thousand tons / year raise 375 thousand tons / year, basically supply one of industries for domestic and international epoxy resin. Need square (Hui Baixin material) the demand enterprise that is epoxy resin product, supply and demand is bilateral the principle according to mutual benefit win-win, classics is friendly talk things over, need to just have the intention that orders the epoxy resin product that produces for square place, offer square (Zhuhai grand prosperous) 2 period project, 3 period after project put into production, need square intended and annual to for just ordering epoxy resin 60 thousand tons. This second sign " book of the epoxy resin intent that order " conduce to the cooperation that builds long-term stability with downstream client concerning, be helpful for promoting a company to run development, accord with a company to develop need and strategic program.

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